FAP Turbo Review

FAP Turbo Review

This page contains a candid review of the FAP Turbo Forex trading robot based on our own experiences having tried this product for a number of months.

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‘FAP Turbo’ Review

FAP Turbo Executive Summary

Product Name:

FAP Turbo

FAP Turbo Review
Refund Rate:
0.49% – Very Low
Product Description:
Automated foreign exchange (forex) trading software which you can either install on your desktop or laptop computer, or make use of a members’ only website which allows you to run the software through the developers own servers. The benefit of the latter being that you don’t need to run your own computer to make trades
Product Developer:
Steve Carletti – Run a background check (where available)
Developer Qualifications:
Coded by math and open-source programming graduates, developers provide evidence of making profits of 220% in 60 days, 340% in 45 days and 500% in 45 days using the FAP Turbo trading robot hooked up to a live trading account. FAP Turbo is the best selling fully automated forex trading robot and boasts an extraordinarily high winning trades accuracy
Product Specifications:
Product is a downloadable software which you install on a desktop or laptop, plus private access to a members’ only website where you can also set the software to run on developers’ own servers. Product includes online training manuals and videos to teach how to run the software, and the settings to tweak the program to your own preferences. Also includes ongoing customer support and the steps to opening an online forex brokering account which takes buy/sell orders from the FAP Turbo application
Official Domain Name:
FAP Turbo™/FAPTurbo.com
US$149 one time payment (introductory price)
Payment options:
All major credit cards and PayPal
60 days
Refund protection:

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Does FAP Turbo Work?

With so many forex robots out there, I was intrigued to find out why FAP Turbo has remained at the top of the best seller list for its genre since it hit the market in 2008. So many have come and go, yet this one remains ‘The King’, and I wanted to find out why.

One thing’s for sure, I doubt it’s because it’s still being sold at an ‘introductory price’, even though the product has been out for a few years. (Have we really become immune to such sales tactics that we actually forgive being thought of as naive?)

Anyway, that aside, the biggest problem with forex trading software, whether it’s semi-automated (where the software tells you when to buy or sell, but leaves the actual execution up to you), or fully automated ‘robots’ (where you set and forget), is the amount of historical data they need to process in order to reasonably predict future price movements with any sort of accuracy.

To be honest, our desktops or laptops would need to harness the power of Big Blue to have any chance of not grinding to a halt every time it did it’s magic. So how can so many forex applications and robots be out there in the market if it’s impossible for them to have any chance of working?

The answer of course is that they don’t process all the data every time they make a trade. Their programming automatically ‘chooses’ which algorithmic data to process and which data to ignore, and that is determined by the developers.

The better an understanding of how foreign exchange markets work the better the programming, provided that understanding can be accurately reflected in the programs algorithms. To get to the point, the smarter and more experienced the developers, the better the software.

It’s little wonder why so many of the forex trading robots simply don’t work, when they have been put together by forex trading experts with bad programmers, or good programmers working with bad direction.

The story of FAP Turbo is interesting in the fact that it is not an original forex trading software, but an existing software with added complexity and functionality. Steve Carletti and his team of developers of FAP Turbo took the original software and according to them, made it fly.

Like with all these things, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so in order to determine whether FAP Turbo really works or not is to look at the results. Surprisingly, the results were impressive:

Opening Balance
Closing Balance
Test Account 1
Test Account 2
Test Account 3
Test Account 4
Test Account 5

In fact, out of over 14000 trades, there were well over 85% winners amounting to a net profit of over 10,000%. Impressive indeed.

These remarkable results appear to be echoed throughout many of the product’s review and critique sites across the internet.

So in answer to the question “Does FAP Turbo work?”, the answer would have to be yes, it does, the results speak for themselves, but more importantly will it work for you?

FAP Turbo is very much a set and forget application. By definition it should give the same results to every one. If it works for others it should also work for you too. The fact is you can ‘tweak’ it. Once you install it (or enter the private website if you choose the developer server option) and have set up your trading account you can walk away and the program will work without intervention. The default settings are conservative so there’s no problem with not making any adjustments to start with.

Further, once you get the hang of things, have watched the training videos and you know what you are doing, then you can start to tweak it to suit your style and tolerances better.

Should you decide to give FAP Turbo a try, before you start tweaking it for yourself, we would recommend you also take a look at the “FAP Turbo Expert Guide” which teaches you some of the best settings to obtain the best results. It’s cheap compared to the extra profits it will make you.

The only true way to see if FAP Turbo works of course is to try it yourself. The program comes with a 60 day money back guarantee (details later) and you can trade with a dummy account to start with. Like with all these programs, the best thing to do is to install it, let it run for a few weeks without using real money and if after that time you haven’t made a profit then put in for a refund.

Nothing ventured nothing gained, and if you get your money back anyway then no money spent either. One thing’s for sure, with the training you’ll get in how the forex market works, it would be worth the investment even if you don’t claim a refund.

Is FAP Turbo A Scam?

We don’t get very many searches for this question for FAP Turbo (unlike many of the other products we review – good and bad), presumably because with an actual software to download and a real website to log into, it would be impossible to maintain such a business if it isn’t legitimate.

For Steve Carletti and his team to perpetuate a scam they would need it to be “a fraudulent business scheme” (https://www.thefreedictionary.com/scam) and in view of the evidence of the product at work a scam by definition it is not.

What readers are more interested in is whether the product has a guarantee period and if they do want their money back then they can be sure they will get it.

Buyers of FAP Turbo are no different, and one of the reasons FAP Turbo sells well is because it comes with a no questions asked 100% money back guarantee for 60 days after purchase.

To assure all purchases, FAP Turbo uses a third party payment gateway operated by a company called Clickbank Inc. Clickbank is a USA incorporated business set up to make sales of digital products on the internet safer for the buyer. It is the largest on the internet.

It is Clickbank which takes the money for the purchase and passes that to the seller after the 60 day guarantee period has expired. For this it takes and administrative fee less disbursements.

Clickbank has a solid reputation for honoring its refund agreement, and it guards that reputation vehemently. Furthermore, Clickbank makes it easy to claim a refund by including a link in the confirmation email you receive from them when you purchase the product.

Simply click on the link in the email and claim your refund. You don’t even need to give a reason (if you don’t want to) and in the majority of cases refunds are processed immediately, at most a day or two.

You can read all about Clickbank Inc.’s refund policy by clicking on the image below:

As part of guarding that reputation, Clickbank do check that all products hosted by them are not fraudulent, they do not check for quality or value for money.

Whilst it is evident that FAP Turbo is not a scam, we need to dig a little deeper if we want to get a better idea of it’s value for money.

The asking price of $149 is not bad, compared to other similar products, but the best way to judge whether a product is any good or not is to look at how many returns or refunds the product gets. The more refunds, the more dissatisfied customers there are, the worse a product is.

Whilst Clickbank does not release information pertaining to a product’s refund rate, it is possible to calculate an approximate refund rate based on other data Clickbank does provide.

Using a rather complicated formula we can calculate the refund rate for FAP Turbo, and at time of writing the refund rate is 0.49%. In other words, out of a thousand customers, only 5 put in for a refund. This is very low and would indicate almost all customers are satisfied with the product.

Furthermore, many copies of FAP Turbo have been sold through this review and so far we have yet a receive a complaint or a refund request from any customers.

For the reasons explained above, in answer to the question “Is FAP Turbo a scam?” we can safely conclude that no, it is not.

FAP Turbo Review/Conclusion

The previous two sections have shown that FAP Turbo does work and that it is not a scam. What we have not addressed is if it is a product that would suit you, vis-a-vis your own trading style, goals and risk tolerance.

Just because it works for others, does not necessarily mean it will work for you. So lets take a critical look at the style of trading offered by FAP Turbo.

For example, many traders prefer to be in control of their trades. They prefer to be comfortable in themselves that the signals are right before executing their trades. Usually those with enough experience to have a feel for where currencies are headed.

If this is you then FAP Turbo may not work for you.

Secondly, FAP Turbo works by executing lots of small trades with a goal to accumulating profits by ensuring that trades are entered and exited quickly, and trades which go the wrong way are exited quickly. You won’t find your risk capital gone when you wake up in the morning, but at the same time you won’t find your risk capital tripled in value either.

If you prefer this high-risk-high-reward type trading then FAP Turbo may not be for you either.

Finally, FAP Turbo does not use a long term buy and hold trading strategy. Profits are taken quickly and risk capital remains the same as FAP Turbo produces a solid consistent income. This is different from the style used by investor/traders who prefer to reinvest profits risking larger amounts of capital each time.

If you prefer this type of investing, then FAP Turbo may not suit your needs.

FAP Turbo is ideally suited to those who prefer to set the system up once and allow the system to do it’s thing. They would not be concerned with trades which could have been done a little better (as with a human helping hand) nor trades which are not exited as quickly as humanly possible.

In conclusion, FAP Turbo is definitely worth a trial period. There’s no reason it won’t work for you like it has for the 55,000 or more customers who have gone before you. However, bear in mind that there are those who request a refund after purchasing it, so it obviously does not work for all (assuming those refunds are not from fraudsters who planned to get a refund after making the purchase regardless).

Be sure to run through the training modules quickly and trial the system before your 60 day guarantee expires. You may be one of the few who it doesn’t suit and you don’t want to find yourself in a position to not be able to get your money back if you are.

But, like all systems, it needs to be given time to show results, so to try it once, see it fail and conclude that it doesn’t work is neither fair to the system nor fair to yourself.

May we wish you the best of luck with your trading. We hope our FAP Turbo review will help you make an informed decision.

Additional Reviews/Contributions

A forex market breakthrough

A forex market breakthrough, a robot that can turn a small investment into a sizeable nest egg and do it with ease. With thousands of trades to its credit, FAP Turbo is taking the forex market by storm with its tremendously profitable track record and the ease of use. Designed to bolster any size account, investors large and small are taking part in this new product’s ability to make a profit for its user.

FAP Turbo is different from other products on the market in one important way – profit. Most products are back-tested, and while the results of those tests are impressive, the products can not meet that same level of profitability when in use outside of strict demo conditions. Most products on the market lose up to 20% of their profitability once they are released to the public.

There is absolutely no loss in profitability here. Out of more than fourteen thousand live trades, FAP Turbo was able to pick winning results more than 99% of the time. With a return of 48% profit average monthly, over 11 years that amounts to more than 10,500% profit! And in live trading, FAP Turbo has been able to nearly double those results. Can you see what those results can mean in terms of your life, your lifestyle?

With a small initial investment, you can be well on your way to the lifestyle of your dreams without sacrificing time with your family. Achieving the American dream is and can be easier than you think. For just a brief moment, envision it – no more long hours at the office, spending precious hours stuck in heavily congested traffic, or working second and third jobs in the struggle to make ends meet. Imagine being able to have the financial freedom to travel, buy your dream home, or indulge in that long-forgotten pastime you never have the time or money for anymore. It is time to make your dream your reality. And here is exactly how you can get it.

With a small investment, you will be well on your way to trading in the forex market like the professionals do. No studying of endless graphs and charts, let FAP Turbo do the work for you. Place your trust in the industry leader, in the proven method of making forex trading work for the everyday American. Leave the complex labyrinth of trading to the insiders who constantly monitor it for a living – and use the time tested and profit proven FAP Turbo and let it work for you.

Don’t take my word for it – try it for yourself. All the facts and figures are there for you to see, but it’s time to see it for yourself. This amazing, automated system takes the guesswork out of forex markets and places profit within easy reach of anyone. It’s time to get those results for yourself.

Turn $5,100 into $42,500

Turn $5,100 into $42,500 – how would you like to learn how to do that? No, this is not a scam, a fly-by-night product, and it’s a perfect legitimate opportunity. No endless hype, no back-tested results, just an amazing forex robot that is capable to producing unheard-of results. Welcome to FAP Turbo.

Ideal for any account size, the forex robot, FAP Turbo, is able to produce profitable results time and again. Not often does a golden opportunity like this come along and you do not want to be left out of the incredible action. How do you know this is real?

Instead of showing you results on paper, like our competitors would, showing you phenomenal results without you being able to believe a word of it, we want you to feast your eyes on this: FAP Turbo is validated by live trading results. In most cases, when a product similar to FAP Turbo claims it has 100% profitability in live trading, it only has 80% profitability in the hands of its users.

With FAP Turbo, the results in the hands of its user were better than live trading. Here are the numbers: during live trading, comprised of more than 14,000 live trades, over 99% were winners – over 10,600% profitability. This wasn’t a one month wonder or a demo dream, this testing was produced over an 11 year time span! Here’s how you can expect it to work for you: in live trading, FAP Turbo has proven to be twice as profitable in the field as it has been in demos.

With verifiable results, a stellar record, and the years of trading and testing done to bring FAP Turbo to your hands, you cannot miss out on this rare chance to get your piece of this action. Through the genius of Steve Carletti, we are given a rare glimpse into the complex, mysterious world of forex trading, known to few but the brightest minds. With a small investment, you can be well on your way to living the life you’ve always wanted.

If you’re still not convinced, you can start trading with as little as $50 to $100 – and be on your way to living the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of, but that never seemed quite possible. After all, didn’t you dream of making it big when you were younger, but like many of us, ended up working for a living, and in this economy, watching your workload build, your paycheck stagnate, or see your job lost entirely? Isn’t it time to dream big again? Aren’t you entitled to the all-American dream of a vacation, free time, time to spend with your family – not time wasted at another dead-end job, trying to make ends meet. You owe it to yourself and your family to give FAP Turbo a try. This very well might be the best investment you’ve ever made!

Give the industry leader, FAP Turbo, a try today. Trade as big or small as you decide. Let Steve Carletti’s genius work for you. The only thing standing between you and incredible profitability is your imagination.

Functionality and Technology

FAP Turbo, the latest break through in forex products on the market today blends functionality and technology into pure profitability, has debuted to stunning results and accolades. A robot that can produce stellar results during live trade, boasting an impressive 48% profit monthly, has finally reached the market and you owe it to yourself to see what it can do.

Starting with as small of an investment as $50 to $100, you too can be making live trades using FAP Turbo, and seeing your dreams of making money become your reality. In this harsh economy, you have to see it for yourself, you need to give forex trading a try. No other system on the market can boast such phenomenal results – and there is video proof of how well this robot can make trades for you, taking all the guesswork out of trading and showing you how to take control of your financial future.

In live trade action, most forex robots are able to boast of good results, but their performance typically drops when it is used by the consumer. But not FAP Turbo – its profitability doubled when it was released! Instead of seeing up to a 20% drop in profitability like most of our competitors products faced, ours doubled its profit. In live trading, FAP Turbo turned $5,100 into $42,500. Now, imagine what that can mean for you?

For you, it’s home security, time with family, or less dependence on a job market that has been fluctuating for years, or even being able to help elderly parents. Maybe it means taking the family on a vacation, making much needed home repairs, or being able to finance your child’s higher education. For some, this system is the difference between keeping their home or seeing it lost to foreclosure. Whatever dreams you have been putting on hold and whatever needs your family has been sacrificing, FAP Turbo can help you see those dreams become your life. Your real life is waiting and forex trading can seamlessly become part of it.

FAP Turbo’s results speak for themselves. In over 14,000 live trades, FAP Turbo picked winners 99.66% of the time. These results weren’t back-tested or simulated – this is the result of real dollars being used in live trading and this was recorded live as it happened. The true beauty of this program is it works well with any account size. For those getting started in forex trading, a small investment can grow to become a large account – an account big enough to fuel your lifestyle and allow more time with the people in your lives, not more hours commuting or stuck at the office.

With unprecedented results, thousands of live trades, and amazing profitability, FAP Turbo has emerged as the industry’s clear leader in forex trading – making it easier for you to enter into the mystifying realm of trading and make a great return on your investment. Start using FAP Turbo today and take back the control over your time and money.

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