Stock Trading Nitty Gritty Review


This page contains a candid review of the Stock Trading Nitty Gritty video trading course based on our own experiences having tried this product for a number of months.

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Is Stock Trading Nitty Gritty a Scam?
Stock Trading Nitty Gritty review
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Stock Trading Nitty Gritty Executive Summary

Product Name:
Stock Trading Nitty Gritty

Stock Trading Nitty Gritty Review

Refund Rate:

None recorded from this site (see review below)

Product Description:

Stock Trading Nitty Gritty is one of the more recent of Profits Run’s products. It offers a simple four tiered approach to stock trading. Ideal for beginners and experienced traders alike, this “20 minute mindset” is currently on promotion at a price well worth taking advantage of

Product Developer:

Bill Poulos – Run a background check (where available)

Developer Qualifications:

Developer set up Profits Run in 2001 after trading the markets successfully since 1974

Product Specifications:

Nine training videos and additional value-added content

Official Domain Name:


Stock Trading Nitty Gritty™/Profits Run Inc.


US$39.97 (Time sensitive offer)

Payment options:

All major credit cards and PayPal


30 days

Refund protection:

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Does Stock Trading Nitty Gritty Work?

It is not often I am amazed with a stock trading product that I’m reviewing but in this case I have to admit that I am. Not because it is anything special, it isn’t (and I’ll go into more detail about that a little later), but I am because of the price.

In all the years I have been reviewing stock and forex trading strategy products I have never seen one that’s such good value for money. At a one-off payment of only $39.97 you won’t find anything like this any cheaper, anywhere.

But being cheap is not good enough in itself, it has to do what it says it does, and better still, more than it says it does. So let’s get into the ‘nitty gritty’ of this product.

If you watch the video on the sales page you get a good idea what it’s about. Despite being a little long and convoluted it’s well worth a watch even if you have no intention of going ahead with the purchase.

Incidentally you have to watch the video through to the end if you do want to purchase. I’m not sure why Bill Poulos did this as a link below the video would probably result in more sales due to less drop off.

The product consists of a series of nine training videos which you can watch directly online. The videos cover everything from the very basics of stock trading to some of the more complex strategies used by some of the masters.

This includes most of the common charting patterns such as single and double tops, triangles, head and shoulder patterns, 123 formations, pennants and flags. Additionally it explains some of the more accepted technical indicators like Fibonacci and how to use candlestick charts.

The climax of the course is the disclosure of one secret strategy Bill Poulos and his teams use regularly when trading stocks and you can use this strategy yourself to profit consistently, although returns are moderate as the strategy would be considered reasonably conservative.

Does Stock Trading Nitty Gritty work? The simple answer is yes. The training videos are easy to understand and they cover everything you need to know to start trading yourself. That is really what you are paying for. The strategy they throw in as a ‘bonus’ will make you money if you follow it as explained.

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Is Stock Trading Nitty Gritty A Scam?

Bill Poulos has been trading the markets (both stocks and foreign exchange) since 1974 and has several products, more notable “Profits Run” which is his flagship product which goes for close to $2000 and is well worth a look.

The business is a registered entity which you can see for yourself by doing a simple check using our associate information search service as shown above in the Executive Summary. Not surprisingly our own background check of Bill Poulos turned up clean.

Stock Trading Nitty Gritty is definitely not a scam, it is everything it promises to be, and at the price it goes for I truly believe any buyer would not be dissatisfied with their purchase.

Having said that, one of the best indicators of customer satisfaction is the number of returns a product gets.

Bill Poulos has spent many years building up a solid reputation and would not jeopardize that by skimping on the obligations outlined in his 30 day refund guarantee.

Many copies of Stock Trading Nitty Gritty have been sold through this review and I can honestly say we have NEVER known of a refund being made or received any complaints about this product.

I wish I could say the same for other products that we have reviewed but unfortunately that is not the case. Whether it’s because of the price or the quality or a combination of both, Stock Trading Nitty Gritty has been a real crowd pleaser.

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Stock Trading Nitty Gritty Review

This is probably the most important question of all and one you must consider carefully before going ahead and getting it for yourself.

Its target customer is a novice to stock trading who needs to learn the fundamentals of how to trade in the short to medium term, and who would benefit from a single trading strategy they can implement on an ongoing basis.

If your interests lie in long term buy and hold investing, or trading in foreign exchange, or if you have been trading for a while and already understand how the markets works – the ‘real’ forces which move prices – and you fully understand the many tried and tested technical indicators which exist, then I would probably suggest this product would not be suitable.

Stock Trading Nitty Gritty is very inexpensive and the nine training videos cover an awful lot of material. Some would even say just one of the videos would sell well for $39.97, let alone all nine of them. I do apologize in advance if the discount is no longer available by the time you read this review.

The best way to measure this however to is take the plunge and get it for yourself. Follow the lessons learned using dummy (no money) trades and if after several of those you haven’t profited on paper then get your money back. It’s really that simple.

Quite frankly I’d be surprised if that was the case and I’m confident instead you’ll be switching to real money trades before long and will have made your investment in this product back in your first profitable trade.

May we wish you the best of luck with your trading. We hope our Stock Trading Nitty Gritty review will help you make an informed decision.

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