Forex Morning Trade Review

Forex Morning Trade Review

This page contains an executive summary and detailed review of the ‘Forex Morning Trade System‘.

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Forex Morning Trade Review

Every successful forex trading system has something unique. Something which sets it apart from the rest, and Forex Morning Trade is no different. In this case it’s all in the name. Forex Morning Trade is a system which is designed to take advantage of the increased activity (and volatility) which takes place in the first hour or two of the currency trading day.

The ‘morning trade’ as developer Mark Fric describes it is when “currencies pour in their largest daily moves within the first two hours”. The busiest forex market is London and it is known as the “London Open” principle. It takes place between 8am UK time and lasts until approximately 10am UK time.

This does of course create a bit of a misnomer. Currency markets are popular because one is able to trade them 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, anywhere in the world. What’s the point of a forex trading system which does the opposite by limiting you to just two hours a day in one time zone?

In fact, if we dig a little deeper into this we can see why this is not a limiting issue, it’s a liberating issue. You see the biggest complaint we hear from forex traders, as opposed to stock market traders, is that in order to capitalize on the best opportunities you need to be ready to make trades all day and all night long. In practical terms this is impossible so they end up missing out on some of the most profitable trades.

In reality, and something which 99.9% of forex traders miss, is that the most profitable trades take place during the ‘London Open’ which is only a two hour window each morning, London time.

The problem then becomes one of convenience and accessibility, as unless you live in the UK time zone, you either have to get up extra early (for the US) or start you trading day later in the day if you live anywhere east of London with the most inconvenient being those in far east Asia who trade the UK forex market after their evening dinner.

This is where Mark Fric’s Forex Morning Trade system shines. It enables you to take advantage of the London Open effect no matter where in the world you live without having to be there at your forex trading platform at 3am or 10pm, or whatever time zone you are in.

Forex Morning Trade does this by teaching you how to trade in forex and gives you the software and settings so that it works away automatically like a trading robot without you actually needing to be there.

To be clear, Forex Morning Trade is not a software in itself, it’s an information product which teaches you how to trade the London Open and how to do the settings in an otherwise free (EA) trading software MetaTrader4, which plugs into the forex markets and your forex trading platform (eg. eToro).

With the correct settings provided by Forex Morning Trade you are able to input the parameters which allow you to let the software trade for you automatically. Once you have developed trust with the system and the settings you can conceivably go off on holiday and let the system run itself. If you get it right then you should ‘conceivably’ come back from holiday with some tidy profits having accumulated in your trading account.

In fact, if you check that against some of the results Mark has posted onto his sales page then you’ll see that exactly happening with his own trading accounts which he used his Forex Morning Trade system to trade with. Profits of 40% up to 156% over relatively short periods is a pretty good return for any forex trading system.

If you’re on the fence about whether you should give Forex Morning Trade a try then there are two major considerations you should think about.

1. The luxury of using dummy (no money) trades and
2. The 60 day money back guarantee you have

One of the biggest mistakes we see from the feedback we receive from our readers from any product we review is that they jump in feet first, using real money trades and not getting a feel for what they are doing. ‘Look before you leap’ is as true today as what when Confucius said it over some 1500 years ago.

We’re talking about money here, your hard earned money. It makes no sense for you to hesitate on whether you spend $100 on a product, then throw caution to the wind by not doing things properly and losing thousands out of the gate. Some do, just make sure that’s not you.

Mark Fric gives you the opportunity to try Forex Morning Trade for a full 60 days before you must make a final decision, so why not make the most of it? For those who don’t know it’s really not Mark Fric who gives you a 60 day money back guarantee, it’s his payment processor Clickbank Inc who offer the guarantee.

Clickbank Inc., a USA based company (Boise, Idaho) is the largest seller of digital products on the internet. It has been in operation for over 10 years and is growing at a rate which would qualify it for IPO should it wish to go public at any time (watch this space!). It has a solid reputation which it guards vehemently and it would not risk its reputation for not honoring its policies for the sake of one rogue vendor.

How it works is this. Vendors of digital products list their offerings on Clickbank. At time of sale, Clickbank takes your money for the purchase and after a short ‘cooling off’ period passes the money for the sale to the vendor (less fees and disbursements). Clickbank gives you 60 days to put in for a refund if you want one, and makes it easy for you by providing you with a link to their refund page in the email they send you at time of purchase. You don’t even need to give a reason if you don’t want to.

If you do put in for a refund they Clickbank claws that money back from the vendor from future sales.

Forex Morning Trade Review Conclusion

With an opportunity to do only dummy trades for 60 days then there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to come to a conclusion whether Forex Morning Trade works for you or not. And during that time if you do only dummy trades and do put in for a refund then there’s no money lost either. All you would have lost is some of your time which to be honest is well worth it for the education you will get.

We hope our Forex Morning Trade review has given you enough information about the product for you to make an informed decision.

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