Banc De Binary Review

Banc De Binary Review

Find out all about Banc De Binary. We tried and tested them on your behalf, and can safely recommend them – here’s why – read our full review below!

Banc De Binary Executive Summary

Product Name:

Banc De Binary

Banc De Binary Review

Refund Rate: 
Not Applicable – Free to join
Product Description:
Binary options trading
Product Summary:
Banc De Binary was the first licensed and insured binary options brokerage on the web. They provide an online trading platform allowing you to profit from 200 tradable assets at your fingertips 24 hours a day. You can also enjoy top customer service and a full binary options education, with free third party trading signals, one-on-one training, and a $50,000 demo account
Binary Options Trading Summary:
With binary options trading, you are essentially deciding whether an asset will go up or down in a set time. If you are correct, you win a set amount. Since Banc De Binary’s arrival online in 2009, this form of trading has bloomed in popularity because it’s simple and the risk is easy to calculate – you know exactly what you stand to make or lose in advance. Banc De Binary has attracted a range of beginner traders and also experienced investors. The platform boasts 200 stocks, commodities, currencies and indices – so there is something for everyone. Alongside their famed binary options platform, they are offer 60 second options, long term options and one touch options. Returns are high at around 80% for winning trades and up to 500% on the one touch platform
Official Domain Name:
Banc De Binary Ltd
Free to join – $250 minimum deposit
Deposit Methods:
Visa, MasterCard, Amex, MoneyBookers, and Wire Transfer
Up to 90% profit on each trade
Refund protection:
Up to 15% on trades out of the money
Joining bonus:
Up to 100% deposit bonus

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Banc De Binary Review

When you’re looking for a great binary options broker (because why would you settle for anything less?!) there are probably 5 things that should be at the top of your priority list: your financial security and safety online, the quality of the trading platforms, how user-friendly the trading is, the support provided, and the extras / incentives typically offered for new customers. Together, these will empower you to become a confident and profitable trader.

We have heard a lot of buzz about Banc De Binary recently because they are one of the biggest binary platforms around and were the first firm to achieve an EU license which is now the latest industry trend, so we were keen to learn more. Having tried them out, we now know what the fuss is about and why they have so many loyal followers worldwide. We were extremely impressed and found they met our top 5 requirements, as well as several others.

Banc De Binary – Top Service

The customer service department at Banc De Binary is pretty impressive. You can call, skype, email or live chat and the couple of representatives we spoke to were knowledgeable and very friendly. But we also want to say here that customer service at Banc De Binary extends far beyond the actual service department. When you sign up, you will also receive a personal account manager for trading lessons and tailored money management advice. This personal service is really worth shouting about, especially if you are new to binary options – having someone to show you the ropes, talk you through the platform, and give you lessons on the demo account is the best way to start and to build your confidence as a trader. Banc De Binary’s account managers are excellent at what they do and really know the markets.

Banc De Binary – 5 Trading Platforms

Although most people stick to the standard binary options platform, it is great to have the choice to experiment and get creative about making money. At Banc De Binary, you have the standard binary trading platform, plus the 60 second trading platform and the long term options platform -with different expiry time features as the name suggests. Then there is the One Touch platform which offers huge payouts if you can predict that an asset will reach a set value rather than just move direction, which is a variation on the normal binary option and can prove very profitable in the right volatile markets. They also have a unique Pairs platform which pairs different assets against each other, an interesting feature inspired by traditional currency pairings.

On all the trading platforms, you have a choice between several commodities, stocks, currencies and indices. There are 200 assets in total offered by Banc De Binary, one of the highest asset lists we’ve seen in the industry. Typically profits for a successful trade are 70%-90%. The firm also has a VIP platform exclusively for high-level depositors with even higher payouts.

Banc De Binary – User Friendly Site

Everything about Banc De Binary’s site and trading platform is very user friendly. They have recently launched a new website so be sure to check it out if you haven’t visited the site for a few months. It is easy to navigate and obvious what you need to do to execute a trade on the trading platform, which means you (and even your technologically backwards dad) can enjoy the actual trading, and focus on trading decisions, without any extra hassle or complexity. They told us that they took on board customer feedback in the design stages of the new site, to really make the trading platform accessible for everyday people like ourselves. It’s good to know a company cares and listens to customers, and in this case, it has really paid off.

Banc De Binary – Financially Secure Deposits & Withdrawals

We wish that all binary options brokers were like Banc De Binary when it comes to protecting your funds. Unfortunately some are unregulated and you don’t know who you’re giving your hard-earned money too, and who will sell your personal details, and if you’ll even be able to withdraw your funds. We can’t stress enough that you should only trade with a broker who is licensed.

Banc De Binary is licensed and regulated and operates to EU financial standards and is also the only broker to be insured in all countries of operation by Lloyds’ syndicate. So you deposit into a secure trading account, your personal and financial details are held securely, and you are free to withdraw your winnings. The actual deposit and withdrawal process is simple and you can submit any necessary ID through their website. Another point worth noting is that they never charge fees for deposits or withdrawals.

Banc De Binary – 100% welcome bonus

Banc De Binary is known for generous gifts. Last Christmas they ran a gift promotion for re-depositors with holidays and TVs, and they recently gave out an iPhone5 to one of their new Facebook followers. If you are trading with them, keep an eye out for special offers like this because it is pretty unique in the industry.

Something that all depositors can enjoy upon sign-up is a welcome bonus worth 100% of any amount that you deposit. Basically this means that you have double the funds in your account when you start (you have to trade a certain amount in return) so you can get going with greater leverage and confidence. If you are committed to trading for a while, then this is an amazing way to boost your account instantaneously. It’s actually the easiest way to double your money online!

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