Trade Forex Profitably Review

Trade Forex Profitably Review

This page contains a candid review of the ‘Trade Forex Profitably‘ forex trading course from based on our own experiences having tried this product for a number of months.

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Trade Forex Profitably Executive Summary

Product Name:

Trade Forex Profitably

Trade Forex Profitably
Refund Rate:
Non from this site
Product Description:
Many forex gurus claims to be profitable, BL proved to be profitable. Do not trade forex until you see BL’s up to date trading statements and live trading videos
Product Developer:
Brendan Lee (BL) – Run a background check (where available)
Developer Qualifications:
Former Hedge Fund Trader
Product Specifications:
Learning package over Internet VOIP (Skype), videos and highly profitable trade alerts that boosts 80% success rate
Official Domain Name:
TradeForexProfitably/Tactical Trading Academy Inc (BVI)
$699 one time for course followed by $400 every 6 months subscription for trade alerts, or just $400 every 6 months subscription for trade alerts
Payment options:
All major credit cards and PayPal
Not applicable (Subscription product)
Refund protection:
Not applicable (Cancel anytime)  (what’s this?)

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Trade Forex Profitably System Review

Learning how to trade foreign currency for profit can be intimidating. Charts, real-time quotes,
and indicators can seem complicated for people who are not familiar with market trading. offers a personal approach to teaching these skills and helping new
traders become successful. Brendon becomes a mentor to help those who take the course.
He shows his students how to make trading decisions so that they can learn how to make
successful trades on their own.

There are 4 essential parts to the System:

Technical Forex Trading

A successful trader needs to know which trading tools to use. Many tools that are available to
traders are outdated or slow. Using such a tool means that the trader is navigating the market
with an old map. The successful trader needs to know which tools are the best and how to use
them. Brendan teaches traders which indicators are most accurate and reliable.

Fundamental Forex Trading

When trading forex, the trader is buying one currency and selling another. All forex trades are
made with currency pairs. The trader compares the currency and buys a strong one for a weak
one. The system teaches traders how to determine which currencies
are strong and which are weak at any given time. Brendan teaches how to use certain economic
indicators to identify good trades.

Insiders’ Trades Forex Trading

Though many assume that tracking insiders’ trades is not possible with forex trading, it can be
done. Knowledgeable traders can be aware of insider trades and adjust their trading strategies
accordingly. When insiders buy or sell currencies, these transactions are worthy to consider.
The insiders’ trades may be the best clues to the movement of the market.

Seasonal Effect Forex Trading

Like the weather, the movement in currency is affected by seasons. These seasonal patterns
help the experienced trader to know what to expect in the forex market. Students who take the course learn to buy when the forex pairs are seasonally strong and
sell during their seasonally weak months.

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Each of these four essential parts can be used to judge a potential trade before the trade is
made. The course emphasizes how to use these trading methods to
determine which trades are likely to be successful. Quantitative analysis is used to identify the
seasonal fluctuations for each currency pair.

Unfortunately, the forex market is full of scams. Many shady traders have exploited people
who want to learn how to trade forex. The prospective students of trading courses would
be wise to check the reputations, reviews, and ratings of forex courses before using them. has developed a good reputation for truly helping people to learn
to become successful traders. Brendan’s personal approach and solid foundation of trading
knowledge and experience is just the beginning. He is dedicated to helping others learn how to
make forex profits.

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