Instant Profits Review

Instant Profits Review

This page contains a candid review of the Instant Profits family of forex and stock market trading courses based on our own experiences having tried these product for a number of months.

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Instant Profits review
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Instant Profits Executive Summary

Product Name:

Instant Profits

Instant Profits Review
Refund Rate:
None recorded from this site (see review below)
Product Description:
Instant Profits is the original digital trading product released by Bill Poulos and provides details of a single trading strategy which can be used in any market over any timeframe
Product Developer:
Bill Poulos – Run a background check (where available)
Developer Qualifications:
Developer set up Profits Run in 2001 after trading the markets successfully since 1974

Product Specifications:
Instant Profits comes in a 5 pound box that contains a 150 page manual, CD, DVD and 4 cardstock colorful trading blueprints
Official Domain Name:
Instant Profits™/Profits Run Inc.
US$497 one time payment
Payment options:
All major credit cards and PayPal
45 days
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Does Instant Profits Work?

I first began looking into Instant Profits by Profits Run when I was looking into finding out how to evaluate any forex product to test for reliability. I am sure you have read countless articles, sales pages, testimonials, and reviews telling you that a foreign exchange market tool is safe, effective, reliable, and will help make you money.

Although, if it was really that easy, why isn’t everybody trading? That is the question, isn’t it?

Yes, that’s it. All the products currently inundating the market claim, sometimes even boast, that they alone know the secret, but none ever tell you what that secret is. I’ve appreciated that Instant Profits starts by helping you to discover just how a product works – rather than trying to sell you some unbelievable hype, whip you into an overzealous frenzy, and sell you their product.

The very first step they have taken is to show you what to look for and how to know if a product can deliver the results they promise. To me, that’s the first, and most crucial, step in being a reputable product, particularly in this field.

De-mystifying the process is only part of the process in beginning your initial foray into forex trading, but it’s very important. When you can see the process without the smoke and mirrors, you are better equipped to understand the concepts and the theories behind investing.

The concepts, theories, and philosophies involving investing in the foreign currency market are what can and do make or break any trader, much less those of us that are just getting started. Being able to fully comprehend this information is the best toll you will ever have when you begin trading.

Before explaining the concepts, the creator of Instant Profits, Bill Poulos explains a little about why this is a different approach to trading versus trying hard to sell you a product. With a background in finance and in engineering, his approach is systematic, practical, and spot-on. First, he de-bunks many of the myths surrounding the market, from the buy and hold strategy to the trust-the-market-analyst presumption, he has seen the most common mistakes we have all made when turning to the market for a residual income.

After all, that is exactly how he started out. Just like we are today – no formal education or training, just another ordinary person looking to learn a new skill. Trading in the market in our free time, looking for a solid investment income, and how is that different that the intentions of many of us today? Aren’t we all looking for a little more financial solvency and stability?

The sad and unfortunate truth is, there is no foolproof method for predicting when the market will finally turn around, the so-called expert market analysts are guessing as often (if not more so) than not, and no mythical “Holy Grail” exists in the trading world. In reality, it’s a process built on minimizing the amount of risks you take compared to the profits you stand to gain. The process is complex, but the crisp and concise explanation from Bill Poulos makes trading seamless, almost effortless.

His straight-forward, head-on approach and no-nonsense style make his presentation of the market and his principles for trading easily understood, even to the beginner in the market. While all levels of traders will and can definitely benefit from this approach, I would especially recommend those just getting started to give Instant Profits a try.

Its classic formulas, clear graphics, and simple strategies make the process a breeze to follow. While allowing you, the newest batch of traders, to personalize your unique trading style, he gives classic advice and tools that every trader currently working already has. He tells you about strict risk management policies, how to minimize your losses and boost your overall profits.

With his engineering background crafting the structure that many of us need when we are getting started in this field, he constructs the platform for you to get started on – with each piece of the puzzle fitting neatly into place, you are well on your way to making a tidy profit from trading and working to realize your personal goals.

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Is Instant Profits A Scam?

With so many products on the market today promising phenomenal results in the foreign currency market trading field, it’s a wonderful that everyone isn’t trading and making their fortune. The problem is, most products aren’t all that they are cracked up to be. So, how do you know which of these trading tools will deliver the results that you need?

Careful research is the first step. Read everything, re-read everything, and a little trick I use – if the creator has attached their name to their creation, they go to the top of my list of possibilities. Like Bill Poulos and his Instant Profits, part of the Profits Run series. I appreciate that a creator is willing to stand behind their creation, reliability and accountability really do matter to those of us looking to invest in the market.

Another way to weed out the scams amongst the field of forex tools, see how well they explain how the process works. If they cannot explain how it will work, it probably won’t. With Instant Profits, a step-by-step instruction booklet is included that details the different ideologies and theories that the system is based on – effectively giving you the tools to see how it was crafted and why it will work.

While demos and charts are useful, those impressive graphics can be easily created after the fact and while they may be good tools, alone they prove absolutely nothing. To illustrate an instruction, Instant Profits includes graphs and charts – along with identifying patterns and how they relate to the theory being taught.

With each step of instruction, you are taken deeper into the world of trading, each myth being de-bunked, each theory or philosophy being thoroughly unveiled, and at each and every step along the way, you are invited to personalize this process.

Part of the thrill of investing your money is being able to set your unique parameters on your scope of investing. From the amount of available capital you have, to the level of risk you are willing to take, only you know how much time, money, and risk that you are willing to take.

I have long been leery of the plug-and-play products on the market in abundance and have generally preferred a trading method that teaches you how to trade rather than being asked to rely solely on a software program or robot that can trade so well, it doesn’t need you to do anything. If that was the preferred method of trading, I could stick with my broker – he does the same thing. But, for every trade I make, win or lose, he takes his share. His sole goal is to keep me constantly trading.

Initially I began in the forex market, looking to take a more active role in my finances, particularly in my investing. The scant amount of interest earned by my savings and money market accounts was astounding. Once you factor in what it took to build your savings – from earning your money, to saving it, then investing it, and getting taxed on it not once but twice (first for earning it, then for saving it), I knew I had to require more of my modest savings.

By taking the control of my investment future, I can maximize the amount of return I can get from each investment and I can control how much risk I intend to take. While the more risk I take the greater my payoff might be, I can choose my own threshold of when to buy and when to sell, making a steady gain over time.

While there are hundreds, if not thousands, of products and courses on how to teach yourself to trade, the unique approach of Instant Profits creator, Bill Poulos, was what really sold me. He is an engineer by trade – and his methodical approach, building the theories one layer at a time, slowly creating a solid foundation on which to build your investment strategy was the final selling point.

I appreciate the logic, the attention to detail, and I was looking for a training tool that would teach me investing from the ground up. With Instant Profits, the tools and techniques are at your disposal, and they allow you to craft your personal style of trading.

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Instant Profits Review

Having studied countless products designed to help beginners take their first steps into trading in the foreign currency market (forex), I’ve found so many tips and tricks to finding the right product that can deliver the advertised results time and time again. From the little details, to the overall workability of the product, this should help get you pointed in the right direction.

First thing I look for is how well any product explains itself. I want to know how the course, software, or robot is going to perform under any set of conditions. I don’t want to know if it can work in a stagnant market or a raging bull market – to be a viable tool in trading, it must work in any set of market conditions.

Next, I look past the fancy graphics for the gimmick. Almost always there is one, sometimes several, but with Instant Profits, I couldn’t find it, no matter how hard I tried. This was intriguing, but then again, this is a forex product is a stand-out in many way. I’ll come back to that in just a moment, though.

Now, I want the face behind the scenes. I want to know who created the product and why. In the case of Instant Profits, part of the Profits Run series, Bill Poulos is the creator and his background is both impressive and unusual. With a Bachelors Degree and work history in engineering and a Masters Degree in finance, he is unusually well-placed to make a strong product that can stand the test of time.

Bill Poulos maximized his engineering background to craft a seamless, flexible, and easy-to-use course in trading that can be used for any style of market trading. He has the true gift of being a natural born educator, a trait which is sorely lacking in many of the individuals currently creating training tools for trading, and this makes him singularly poised to construct a system with precise information that allows for each of us to understand and embrace the concepts being taught.

Bill’s simple, no-holds-barred approach to the market stems from his own background – he, too, learned how to trade in his spare time, looking to make a better future for himself and his family. Much like the rest of us, his motivation wasn’t mere curiosity, though there was a healthy amount of that mixed in.

As curious as we all are, we are motivated into this intricate world inhabited by traders and big money investors to try to carve a small niche for ourselves and make a profit, better our financial standing, and maybe even leave the daily grind that we currently find ourselves trapped in. Although we aren’t motivated by curiosity alone, we all are striving for a better financial outcome.

While anyone can trade in today’s market, not everyone out there is making the profits that they could, and should, be. No market goes up or down forever, and learning the pace and flow of the market is part of the unique balance that Instant Profits helps to teach. You learn to de-bunk classic myths surrounding the market and set your own parameters for when to buy and sell.

No one know your personal financial profile like you do, so this is an opportunity to take as little or as much risk as you want, and you can watch your nest egg grow. With nearly every trade, you’ll notice your confidence build and your investment grow.

Through the course, Bill continually reminds us that the key to making a profit in forex trading isn’t to continually buy and sell, our biggest challenge is to manage the risks we take. It’s not the market that causes us to lose money, it’s not being able to manage the amount of risks we’ve taken effectively.

With this course, you’re taught valuable lessons – many of which you can apply to your day to day life, it’s not all reserved for the trading floor. His step-by-step approach is open, forthright, and to the point. He walks you through each concept and theory, explaining the reasoning behind each before moving on to the next stage. At each point, you are encouraged to apply what you’ve learned before moving to the next lesson.

May we wish you the best of luck with your trading. We hope our Instant Profits review will help you make an informed decision.

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