Leo Trader Pro Review

Leo Trader Pro Review

This page contains a candid review of the Leo Trader Pro automated forex trading program based on our own experiences having tried this product for a number of months.

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‘Leo Trader Pro’ Review
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Leo Trader Pro Executive Summary

Product Name:

Leo Trader Pro

Leo Trader Pro Review
Refund Rate:
0.12% – Negligible
Product Description:
Online forex trading program which you log into using the MetaTrader software which you install on your desktop computer or laptop. MetaTrader logs into Leo Trader Pro which then uses the latest ‘neural network’ based programming algorithms giving the robot the ability to ‘learn’, thereby continually improving its results.
Product Developer:
Lin Johnson-Binney – Run a background check (where available)
Developer Qualifications:
Lin Johnson-Binney is Senior Neural Nets Developer at Leo Trader Pro in charge of a team of several programmers. Results of Leo Trader Pro trading robot are impressive with proof offered of consistent profits of over 62% per month using real money account.
Product Specifications:
Login name a password for downloadable software to access the Leo Trader Pro ‘Neural Network’
Official Domain Name:
Leo Trader Pro¬ô/Leo Trader Pro
Payment options:
All major credit cards and PayPal
60 days
Refund protection:

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Does Leo Trader Pro Work?

With Leo Trader Pro sales page, the insistence that you log in with the account investor password is a bit repetitious. Throughout reading the product’s basic description, you are constantly bombarded to “log-in” with the investor password to see the results for yourself. While I’m pleased that they stand behind their results, a little more information is needed first. Perhaps they have fixed it by the time you see it, let’s hope so.

Minor problems aside and while the repetition of the product description is a bit tedious, it drives home a few very important pieces of information – and helps make some sense of the process that most forex products are currently on the market. One key phrase: back-tested results.

Many, if not all products currently being sold, are based on back-tested results. Now, if you look back, you can easily pick the winners and make a product based on a prior view of the market. It’s like being a fortune teller at the SuperBowl – after the game has been won, it’s easy to predict the winner.

The downside to that – the market never remains steady. The volatility of the market, one of the chief principles discussed in market personality, is what makes the potential of the market so great. Without that element of risk, the rewards wouldn’t be what they are today. That’s what makes the traditional model of the forex system tragically flawed – they cannot adapt to the changes that each day brings.

The flexibility of Leo Trader Pro to bend and move with the ever-changing market personality is the key to its success. Where the competition bases their results on back-tested results and great screenshots and graphics, you are not merely invited, but Leo Trader Pro insists adamantly that you view it from the account investor point of view, using that log-in to verify the results for yourself.

No strategy to learn, no tricks for you to apply, just a few simple principles and a revolutionary way to approach the forex market and achieve results like some of the most successful traders have. You approach the personality, the market personality, with a simple idea in mind, “Everything changes, today’s personality is not yesterday’s personality – everyday, a little something changes.”

Leo Trader Pro breaks down several components to forex systems and robots, explaining in simple, layman’s terms the mathematical equation that most systems are based on. By substituting neural networks (7 completely different neural networks that work in relation to one another) versus a mathematical equation, Leo Trader Pro is able to flex and bend with the market as the market changes direction. Mathematics simply do not allow for that level of flexibility, that flexibility that makes the difference between profits and losses.

Much like the way a person’s own personality bends and adapts over time, so too can Leo Trader Pro, giving it an unparalleled access to the market of the moment.

Yesterday’s market is not the market you’re living in – you living, and trading, in today’s market and planning for tomorrow’s. You need software that can move and change with the times. Adaptability is the name of the game.

So, does Leo Trader Pro work? After all the insistence to log-in using the account investor’s password and see for myself, I did. And yes, the live results are real and completely verifiable. This is a viable way to get started in the forex market yourself.

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Is Leo Trader Pro A Scam?

Built on a new model for forex trading, Leo Trader Pro reaches far beyond the back-tested competition to deliver a new level of results, verifiable results. While quick to point out where its competition has failed, the reliable results of Leo Trader Pro are not only accessible to you, they repeatedly insist that you view, from the account investor’s perspective, the results that they are getting with this one of a kind new system.

With a 63% return on investment in just eight months time, Leo Trader Pro is worth every second you spend looking into its unique model of trading. What makes Leo Trader Pro so much different from all the competition on the market today? A new core at the heart of their trading.

It’s said that the most effective way to silence your competition is to re-invent the wheel. In doing so, the creators of Leo Trader Pro eschewed the classic, mathematics-based principles and equations that many forex software systems and robots are based on.

Instead of unwavering mathematics at the core of Leo Trader Pro, a series of 7 neural networks (yes, seven separate neural networks) working independently, but compatibly run this system. What does this mean for you? A system that is as adaptable as the market is volatile.

This means a system that won’t fail, or worse – fail to adapt, to the ever changing market conditions. This series of market conditions and changes is known as the market personality.

Like all things scientific, the personality aspect is not one that can be quantified or considered when crafting and executing any mathematic equation. No matter how brilliantly an equation is formed, it cannot take into account the changes in a personality.

But, it is the very nature of the market to require that aspects of the “personality” be taken into consideration. This is why, in many aspects, a successful trader has outperformed many products on the market today. A trader can analyze and move with the flow of the market, something that, until now, remained elusive to all the products being sold on the market. Leo Trader Pro has taken the elements that make a successful trader and painstakingly crafted them into a system that you can use, a simple plug-and-play software that helps you trade like a professional.

How do you know that Leo Trader Pro can deliver the results that you have been told? You are invited to see the live results by logging in to the account investor’s trading account. There, you can view, in real time, the results that are being generated.

No back-testing, no screenshots, no charts and graphics. Those are the smokescreens the competition likes to hide behind. The 60 Day money back guarantee – no questions, if you don’t like Leo Trader Pro, simply return it for your money back.

How much more transparent can it be? You can verify the results by logging in to the account investor’s live trading account and if you are not satisfied, you can simply return the product for your complete money back.

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Leo Trader Pro Review

After reviewing dozen of different forex products, systems, and software programs – all claiming to be the next big thing, how do you know when you’ve actually found the next big thing? By seeing the program through the eyes of the current user, in real time, with real money. That is what sets Leo Trader Pro apart from all the other products on the market today.

Let me explain a little. Nearly all the forex products I’ve researched rely on back-tested or demo traded results to prove their products work. Here is the fallacy in that, in hindsight, anyone is capable of picking the perfect stocks and crafting computer graphics to “show” the trades they made. With demo-trading, you’re still not seeing the product in action, you’re seeing simulated trades. This is where Leo Trader Pro really steps away from the rest of the pack.

You are given unparalleled access to the live account that is being used to generate a 63% return on investment. You can log in to the account investor’s trading account and view the trades that are currently being made. The creators of Leo Trader Pro are so confident in their product, they want you to see the live trades for yourself. No gimmicks, no fancy graphics, no charts and graphs – just see what is being done now. Not yesterday’s trades, today’s trades in today’s market.

Why would anyone be so insistent that we see the trades that are being made today? To validate the claims of profit, to prove this product is different, or maybe to make you think what makes this product so revolutionary. The answer is a little less complicated than you think.

Leo Trader Pro has redesigned the module that most forex robots are designed from. Most products use a series of mathematical equations to operate. If scenario A happens, then move to scenario B, if scenario C happens, then move to scenario D, and so on. Leo Trader Pro is based on a neural network – actually on 7 separate, but compatible neural networks that account for swings in trading based on multiple factors. The sum of the factors is called “market personality.”

Mathematical equations are great for analyzing basic principles, but they are not able to account for the market personality, that is – what makes the market so volatile and ultimately, so profitable. This is where, in the past, live traders have held an edge. They were able to analyze and decipher the market due to many factors that mathematics could not calculate. Leo Trader Pro is able to account for many such factors.

Where Leo Trader Pro is able to flex and bend as the market changes course, the rigidity of mathematics is unable to allow for, making Leo Trader Pro uniquely poised to follow and read the market trends and help you see where the profits are going to be. With such insight and flexibility, you will be constantly in the forefront of trading.

What would be required of you to make Leo Trader Pro work efficiently? This is a simple plug-and-play system, all you have to do is take 2-3 minutes to install it on your computer, and you will be on your way to successfully trading in the forex market. All the guesswork has been taken away to leave you free to go about your day, feeling confident that you have the best tools on the market today to keep you trading and profiting from the market, without keeping you locked to a computer screen, studying endless charts and graphs.

May we wish you the best of luck with your trading. We hope our Leo Trader Pro review will help you make an informed decision.

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