Trade Miner Review


This page contains a candid review of the Trade Miner trading software program.

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Trade Miner Review
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Trade Miner Executive Summary

Product Name:

Trade Miner

Trade Miner Review

Refund Rate:

0.94% – Very Low

Product Description:

Choice of software which you install on your laptop or desktop computer. Also installed is the ‘data cube’ which contains historical data for stock, forex and futures data over the last 30 years, allowing the program to work offline (ie. no internet connection is required). The software forms part of a suite with specialist plugins available for stock, forex and futures markets

Product Developer:

Lan Turner CEO – Run a background check (where available)

Developer Qualifications:

Trade Miner was developed by Gecko Software which has been operating from its offices in Cache Valley in northern Utah USA since 1998. Set up by commodities trader CEO Lan Turner originally to provide better trading tools for he and his team, Gecko subsequently released their software to the public and has been highly successful ever since

Product Specifications:

Choice of downloadable software packages and updated data files which is installed on any operating system (PC and Mac). Requires 2GB of memory to operate which is well within the limitations of most modern home computers. Includes video training course on how to use the system and some of the basics of financial trading, plus access to member only website

Official Domain Name:


Trade Miner™/Gecko Software Inc.


US$97 one time payment

Payment options:

All major credit cards and PayPal


60 days

Refund protection:

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Does Trade Miner Work?

TradeMiner provides customizable buy & sell signals based on historically repeating market cycles and trends, and their ranking system was developed to help users quickly identify the best trading opportunities out of a list of highly profitable trades.

The one thing which has prevented desktop trading software from ever really taking hold is the sheer volume of data which needs to be analyzed each and every time a prediction is made. This process should and would take far more processing power than your standard home computer.

In fact even trading robots which reside on high powered servers somewhere on the internet which you need to login into to operate would require more processing power than these high powered servers can afford.

This is why so few of these trading robots work. In order to limit the processing power required to a point where modern servers (and some of the newest laptops/desktops) can cope with the workload, the amount of data analyzed by the algorithms needs to be relatively small.

The better the algorithm deployed by the developers (or more exactly the smarter the developers), the more chance the robot has at being accurate with its predictions.

When it come to software you download and install on your laptop or desktop, as well as the processing power required, an additional bottleneck exists in the terabytes of data which they must sift through from the internet (from financial data providers such as Metadata etc) leaves the software virtually impotent.

This is the ‘holy grail’ which trading software developers have been searching for. A software which you can install on a home computer which can cope with the processing required and be able to access the data necessary to make accurate predictions.

The trick is in the data compression and access, and according to the Gecko Software support people, Trade Miner had found the holy grail.

How it works is this. Once you have decided whether you’ll be trading stocks, forex or futures (or all three – as recommended), you download the software and plugin(s) and install it onto your PC or Mac (it works on both systems). You also download the latest ‘data cube’ which contains the last 30 years of data which Trade Miner needs for its own algorithmic requirements. This is of course only the data Trade Miner needs and not all the financial data on the internet!

At this point you don’t need to be connected to the internet for the system to work. This is unlike any other software out there and it is what sets Trade Miner apart. You enter your target stock or stock of interest and the system analyzes the data in the ‘data cube’. The way it does this is obviously proprietary however, suffice to say it gives it’s results quickly and in an easy to understand interface.

Also included in the package is a lengthy video training course and downloads to teach you how to use the system, together with some fundamentals you need to know if you are new to trading, plus the usual private members only website where you can learn more and interact with other customers and Gecko Software support staff.

So if the question is “Does Trade Miner work?” or not, the answer is definitely yes, it does, and almost all modern home computers can cope with its installation requirements.

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Is Trade Miner A Scam?

If the dictionary definition of scam is “a fraudulent business scheme” ( then in view of the software you install, the video training and the system operability a scam it is definitely not.

But when people search for whether a product is a scam or not, what they actually want to know is whether it does what the sale page says it does, and if not will they definitely be able to get their money back.

We have shown in the above section that the software does indeed work. Whether it makes a profit for you or not will depend on whether you use it correctly and follow the training courses and implement correctly what you have learned. The software is not infallible (no software is) so no matter what there will also be a small element of luck involved too.

As far as getting your money back, we’re please to see that Trade Miner using the third party payment gateway Clickbank Inc to manage their sales process for them. We have many vendors who use Clickbank for products like this and they do so because of Clickbank’s track record and integrity.

How it work is this. Clickbank take the payment for the product and pass that onto the vendor after its own fees and disbursements. Any refunds are paid back by Clickbank (not the vendor) who subsequently get the money back from the vendor from future sales. In this way the vendor is not involved in the refund process.

Clickbank make it easy to claim a refund by placing a link in your purchase confirmation email. All you have to do is click on the link in the email within 60 days of purchase and your refund will be made automatically. You don’t even need to give a reason if you don’t want to.

You can learn more about Clickbank Inc.’s refund policy if you wish by clicking on the image below:

Whether it makes its users a profit (and whether it could make you a profit too) is impossible to judge until you actually try it yourself. However, having said that, one of the benefits of having Clickbank as a payment processor, it is possible to get certain data from Clickbank with regards to sales. From this information we are able to calculate approximately how many refunds a product gets.

We have done that calculation for you and we find that Trade Miner has a 0.94% refund rate (at time of writing). This is only 94 per 1000 sales which would be considered as very low, indicating a very high level of customer satisfaction.

In view of these points we believe it is fair to say that Trade Miner is not a scam, but a legitimate product which delivers according to the promises made on the sales page.

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Trade Miner Review

Trade Miner is a brand new technology which uses an innovative and unique approach to trading research. The software and accompanying ‘data cube’ makes analyzing data extremely quick and intuitive, and you don’t need to be connected to the internet to let it do its work.

You could spend time on a plane or anywhere where you cannot get online doing your research and making your decision, then call your broker or make your online order when you next have a chance.

We have shown above that it works and it’s not a scam, but what we really need to ask ourselves is “is it right for you?” It’s important to ask that before you waste time buying and trying when you know you’re not suited to it from the get go.

Let’s face it, even though the refunds are very low, there are still people who buy it and refund, so it obviously doesn’t suit everyone.

To start with, Trade Miner is a software which you download and install. It’s semi-automated in that once you have decided which stocks (forex or futures) you wish to trade with, you still need to either go online and place your order, or call your broker and place your order.

Some people prefer the software to do everything for them (taking them out of the equation altogether). If this is you, then Trade Miner may not work for you.

Secondly, some people prefer a web interface. In other words they prefer to do their research online using the tools available on a website somewhere. Trade Miner only works on your local computer, so if you prefer a website interface then Trade Miner may not be for you either.

Lastly, not everyone has a reasonably new computer. Whilst Trader Miner only needs a minimum of 2gb to run that could cause problems for some of the older computers. If your computer is more than 3 years old, then make sure you check the program specs before you buy it.

It didn’t install for some, so if you have an old computer it may not install for you either. You can check what the system requirements are on the product info page.

In conclusion, Trade Miner is a new and innovative form of trading software using cutting edge breakthrough technology. It works whether you intend to trade stocks, forex or futures, or all three, and has received some great reviews from it’s users.

If you’re not sure then can we suggest you buy it, try it with fake (no money) trades for a few weeks and if it doesn’t work for you then simply put in for a refund. Nothing ventured nothing gained, and if you do dummy trades and get your money back then no money spent either.

At the very least you’ll get some great trading training videos which will more than make up for time lost in trying this product.

May we wish you the best of luck with your trading. We hope our Trade Miner review will help you make an informed decision.

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