Profits Run Review

Profits Run Review

This page contains a candid review of the Profits Run family of forex and stock market trading courses based on our own experiences having tried these product for a number of months.

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Profits Run review
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Profits Run Executive Summary

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Profits Run

Profits Run Review
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Profits Run offers a wide variety of premium quality market trading training and educational products depending on the starting point of the customer. Caters for beginners and pros trading in all markets including forex, stocks, ETFs etc., in any market conditions
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Bill Poulos – Run a background check (where available)
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Developer set up Profits Run in 2001 after trading the markets successfully since 1974

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Profits Run offers 8 separate products (see below). Each includes access to the membership website offering ebooks and video home study training courses together with on the spot expert advice
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Profits Run™/Profits Run Inc.
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All major credit cards and PayPal
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Does Profits Run Work?

I have been looking into taking a few courses in forex trading, preferring to learn about the market myself instead of investing in a software or robot that claims to be able to make you phenomenal profits. As much as I appreciate and rely on technology, this is one of those lessons in life I would feel more in control by learning for myself and having the confidence to trade successfully without relying on someone else’s interpretation of the market.

Profits Run training courses in forex (foreign exchange) market trading are quite well-rounded and easy for beginners like me to understand. With several different courses, and an expansive range of levels the courses are offered on, learning more about the market was easily the best choice for me. Even as the market trends and changes, I still have the knowledge of how to invest wisely and profitably.

One of the points stressed in the first of the training courses offered by Profits Run is learn to manage your risks. What attracts so many of us to the forex market is the possibility of a big profit.

The other edge to that very sharp sword is the risk factor. You could not stand to profit big if there wasn’t a substantial element of risk involved. That’s what brokers and traders have known all along – the biggest portion of the job is to manage the amount of risk they are willing to take for others. But no one can manage the amount of risk you want to take better than you can.

By managing your risk, you stand to make a steady, consistent profit and help buffer yourself from the trends on which the market ebbs and flows. When you have mastered that one, most important and vital rule, investing will be much less stressful and frustrating than what you are doing today.

Profits Run are an incredible series of courses, in which you can learn as little or as much as you want about trading in the forex markets. I’ve taken a few of the courses so far, starting with Forex Nitty Gritty. The basic principles and theories regarding the forex market are the same elements the system was originally based on – making the knowledge you are gaining to be relevant, timeless, and best of all – knowledge you can confidently share with others.

From Forex Nitty Gritty, I went on to Forex Profit Accelator. Here I was able to learn that the time of day you trade is nearly as important as the trades you make. The market goes through a variety of trends, or behaviors, as a day progresses, or as a month or year progress. Learning that certain times of the day are more advantageous for trades than others will give you an edge over your average day trader and help you boost your overall portfolio and profitability.

By taking 20-30 minutes per evening, you can slowly and effectively build your confidence in the market, learning to trade while managing the amount of risk you take, and being able to earn a solid profit on the investment you’ve earned. No one wants to work diligently for a small nest egg and see it earn a pittance in a certificate of deposit or in a low-interest earning money market account. By taking more control over your financial future, you stand to have a more comfortable lifestyle, whether you are investing for retirement, investing in the hopes of becoming a retail investor and living on your investments profit, or you are just building a rainy day fund or trying to send a child off to college.

There are a myriad of reasons people turn to the forex market, regardless of what that reason may be, how much you have to invest, or how much time you can devote to investing, the courses offered through Profits Run are tailored to your expertise level, time-commitment level, and, most importantly, your comfort level.

While I do intent to take a few more of the courses offered, I appreciate that the courses teach you gradually – allowing for you to better understand each principle of forex investing before moving onto the next. The natural flow of the courses really made it easily to follow, understand, and for me to apply to my portfolio. I can already see the difference and have made a tidy profit using the ideas, tips, and theory I gleaned from the Profits Run courses I’ve taken.

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Is Profits Run A Scam?

I have had an incurable fascination with stocks and trading for many, many years now. While I ultimately chose a different career path, understanding the complexity of the market has still remained a long-term goal of mine. As I’ve built a modest nest egg, I’m utterly appalled at the lack of interest it earns me, so I finally took the plunge and took some training courses offered by Profits Run to teach me how to trade in the forex market.

I’ve seen hundreds, if not thousands, of products and courses offered to teach the novice to trade effectively in the forex markets. Unravelling the mystery of the markets was important to me, so I chose to go with a series of courses, and the series offered by Profits Run was perfect in its approach.

I started with the Forex Nitty Gritty, and progressed my way through to Forex Income Generator 2.0, then to Forex Profit Accelerator. Each course I’ve taken along the way has taught me new, and vital, information regarding trading and has built upon the knowledge of the courses I had taken previously.

With a firm, solid basis of knowledge, I decided to continue taking the courses – until I had finished the last one, Market Mastery Protégé Program. With each course, the depth of knowledge and description of the market grows in detail – allowing the beginner to get a basic overview, and for those of us that are more interested, we get to see more details and really watch the strategies that are involved in trading in the markets today.

I have really grown to appreciated how each course naturally segues from one to another, creating a seamless feel to the learning process. I was rather impressed at the level of detail that the more advanced courses went into, like in Instant Profits, I learned about trading methods and how to determine if the method you have chosen to use really does have an edge.

Forex Profits Accelerator provides an excellent over view of the courses, taking you from beginner level to masters level. For me, this is the perfect review to see just how far you’ve come in the courses you’ve taken and it really tests your knowledge before you head into the fast-paced world of forex trading. I’m amazed at how they pack so much information into the courses while keeping it easy to understand and fun to learn.

Initially, I planned to take a few courses and then see how I liked it, but after taking the first two or three, I was hooked. With each course, the forex markets became more and more understandable and more fascinating. While uncovering the mystery surrounding the market, I grew to enjoy the subtle differences and nuances it has to offer.

Before taking these courses, I didn’t realize how many factors an experienced, successful trader takes into account before making a single trade. So many things affect the market from political climate, time of day, and so many more. It really boggles my mind. I cannot fathom how the software (or trading robots) are supposed to work without being able to factor in as many things as a live trader can.

With Profits Run, the courses are so manageable, easy to follow, and are aimed at people like us. It teaches, guides, and answers all the questions you have before you can think to ask them. But, one of the key points for me, it has given me the confidence to start trading in the forex market myself. No more fees being paid to a broker to do it for me – a broker makes money for every trader you have them place for you – whether or not you make money, they do.

Since no one can manage your money as well as you can, this is ideal for someone looking to invest slowly and gradually. You can control your investments and, after taking the courses from Profits Run, you can do so successfully and maintain a high level of profitability. After all, who couldn’t stand to better their investment strategy, build a bigger nest egg, and see their retirement savings grow?

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Profits Run Review

After taking the educational series of forex market courses by Profits Run, I am amazed by the true wealth of knowledge, pardon the pun, that they offer. From instructions based on time of trading, to teaching basic market principles, each course you take brings you deeper into the often mysterious realm of forex market trading and helps de-mystify the process, from beginning to end.

What I appreciated about the courses offered by Profits Run is that each one targets a specific area or topic in trading, uniquely preparing those who take it for the facet of the market they have chosen to study. I initially started with Forex Nitty Gritty, hoping for a comprehensive overview of what was involved in trading and was impressed at the level of detail that was offered. While not inundating you with information, more than enough detail is given to paint a clear and vivid picture of the markets, which was more comprehensible than I could have imagined.

With the next course I took, Forex Income Engine 2.0, gave me a very intricate view into day trading. With each CD-ROM, the overview was explained in further detail, explaining all the questions that had initially come to mind for me, and really gave me a strong grasp of the knowledge most day traders already have. I enjoy that the courses were written by an insider, Bill Poulus, and carefully explained to the novice, like me. Being able to see him speak at a seminar gave me a glimpse of the passion he has for his work and the level of expertise and confidence he has in the knowledge he has worked hard to obtain over his decades of trading in the often volatile markets.

With the subsequent courses I had taken, each type of trading was explained, as were common theories and blueprints used for trading and a topic I had often found as overtly complex and difficult to grasp suddenly was at my fingertips. Now, I didn’t start taking the courses simply because of curiosity, I wanted to learn how to make a tidy profit for myself.

After years of thinking I was overpaying my broker to make money for me, I was ready to strike out on my own. With every trade, my broker made money – whether or not I did. Not only was it frustrating to lose money in the market, it was infuriating that as I lost money, my broker made money anyway. For me, it was the time to take back control of my financial future and take matters into my own hands. In this economic climate, I could not afford to keep losing money. I’m sure you know what it’s like to be in my situation.

I preferred to take the course offered by Profits Run because of their easy to understand guide and I was impressed that they broke down the trading to each comprehension level, from beginner to master. I started with the idea that I would only take a few of the courses, but decided after taking the first two, that I owed it to myself to finish taking the courses and give myself the best chance of making a solid profit. I could not be more glad that I did.

Being able to trade confidently on my own has really changed my outlook on my financial future. While it’s solely up to me to manage the risks I’m taking, I feel much more at ease knowing that the person with my best interests at heart is the one handling my money. And I am more than a little impressed at the profits I’ve made already. Even though it’s only been a few months, I’ve made more money that my investments earned for all of last year. That’s an education you can take to the bank!

Finally, the last courses that I finished just a few weeks ago, Market Mastery Protégé Program, was the quintessential overview of all the courses I had taken and it was an ideal refresher course. As I progressed through Market Mastery Protégé Program, I was emboldened by the information I had gleaned and the ease to which it all came back to me. Being at ease in the forex market was something I had wanted for years, I just didn’t realize it could be so easily attainable.

May we wish you the best of luck with your trading. We hope our Profits Run review will help you make an informed decision.

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