MarketOptions Review

MarketOptions Review

This page contains a detailed review of the ‘MarketOptions Binary Options Trading Platform‘.

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General Overview

MarketOptions is an international investment firm that specializes in binary options. It is one of the fastest-growing brands in the market due to its user-friendly trading platform and the unique trading opportunities it provides. The company offers the best customer support in the market. Clients benefit from cutting-edge education that boosts their trading skills and maximizes their potential profits.

With MarketOptions, traders gain access to the binary options market with a leading brand that stands out for its integrity, ingenuity and the unmatched opportunities it offers.

Asset Coverage

MarketOptions allows trading a wide selection of assets, including currencies, commodities, stocks and indices. Traders can invest instantly in commodities such as oil and indices such as NASDAQ and DAX. The broad selection of assets means that traders of all types can always choose an asset that suits their preference.

Trading Platform

MarketOptions provides clients with state of the art trading platform. It enables traders to invest in pairs of assets on short and long-term bases across multiple time horizons. In addition, the platform receives price feeds from top financial institutions. This optimizes its reliability and guarantees the direct execution of trades.

Security of Funds

MarketOptions provides the highest level of safety available. Funds are kept in secluded bank accounts and are off the firm’s financial statements. Therefore, funds can only be used for withdrawals by our customers.

MarketOptions is obligated to follow the most rigorous laws, regulations and procedures. The company is legally required to submit its finances to independent auditors on a regular basis.

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