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copyop – social trading review

This page contains an executive summary and detailed review of the ‘copyop Options Trading Platform‘.

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copyop Review

copyop is a new social trading network powered by anyoption, the leading binary options trading platform. Social trading is the most innovative method for investing in the markets today.

With copyop, you have the ability to connect with and follow the most experienced and successful traders in the world. All done from the comfort of your own home or on your smartphone while on the go.

It is beneficial to both novice and more experienced traders, as everyone has incentive for trading at copyop. The experienced trader gains pride and recognition in the community and the less experienced trader gets to trade and earn like a professional.


It’s a fun and unique way for all types of traders from across the globe to enter the world of trading and earn from it.

Lack of inexperience or time can make trading difficult. Therefore, the recent growth in popularity of social trading has helped investors enter the markets and begin investing in the stocks and assets of their choice.

Just like the name suggests, copy trading is the process in which you can automatically copy the trades of other investors. An inexperienced trader finds a successful trader and decides whether to copy them based on their trading performance and success rate.


copyop is an easy-to-use and intuitive social trading community. Trading beginners can connect with, watch, follow and copy the world’s best traders anywhere, at anytime.

With copyop, no previous trading experience or knowledge is needed to begin. This platform gives you the ability to actually copy the moves of the trading pros, automatically. Copying other traders is done with the click of just one button and you don’t even need to be logged into your account in order to earn money.

When the trading pros you copy earn profit, so do you.

At copyop, it’s a win-win situation as the trading professionals are rewarded with copyop coins for each new copier they get. These coins are equal to real money.


The copyop platform allows you to copy traders that you would have never found otherwise.

To begin you can browse their Hot lists of traders to see the most recent: best trades, best traders and best copiers.

This platform acts like any other social community you may already be familiar with. For instance, you have a News feed, an Explore section, a Notification system and your own personal Profile that can be updated with a unique nickname, photo and other personal details.

The only difference is that copyop is a social investment community where you can actually earn money.


copyop is regulated under CySEC and EU registered. Its platform is 100% secure, safe and reliable.

Their deposit and withdrawal process are simple. You can withdraw your funds at any given moment, in just 72 hours, with no extra commission fees.

With over a 100,000 active users from 120 countries across the globe, copyop has brought copy trading to a whole new level.

You can look forward to the following perks:
• Real-time trading alerts
• One-click automated copying
• copyop coins that can earn you extra cash
• Live feed with HOT ranking tables
• 24/7 support team in over a dozen languages
• Sharing your success with Facebook friends
• Fast and user-friendly mobile app for social trading


How to Register:

1. Open an account at copyop
2. Make a minimum deposit, can be just $200 and up
3. Start copying the world’s best traders
4. Earn just like a pro, effortlessly!

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More Comments:

Trade Like A Pro With Copyop Trading Community

Trading in stock market is a lucrative career option for many. Investing in stock is a risky matter but the return on your investment can be huge and literally one can make his fortune by trading in stock market. You must have heard about the billionaire Warren Buffett. He had made his fortune by investing in stocks. This might tempt you to right away open a trading account and invest in stocks. If so, let me tell you, thousands of people have burn their hands in doing so. Hence, it is better to think about is twice.

Common trading psychology

Investing in stock market is indeed a very cool way of earning money but this requires vast knowledge which majority of the investors doesn’t have. And this results in taking wrong trading calls. Inexperienced traders or the new investors always want to know the trading ideas of the pros. They always want to know what the successful traders are trading now, where they are investing now. If they had the knowledge, they could have made successful trades too like the professionals. This used to be a fantasy or a simple imagination earlier but now this has become true with the help of Copyop social trading.

So, is it possible to see what the trading pros are doing, where they are placing their bids in real time? Yes, this is absolutely possible now. Let’s know about Copyop in details.

Why and what is Copyop?

First of all, Copyop is a social trading community where traders across the world exchange their views and ideas of trading in stock market with their followers. The beginners in this field can connect with the pros and can connect watch and follow the trading calls of the professionals at anytime and from any part of the world. It is like other social platforms where you can follow your friends.

Now imagine you can see the trading orders placed by the experienced traders and you can simply copy that trade in real time. If he wins, you win. You don’t need any additional knowledge or education. If the experienced traders can make money, you too can do that by simply following them. And this is a matter of just a click.

Win-win situation for all

Now, a question that is very obvious here is why would the professionals share their trading ideas with others? This is a valid question and unless there is any advantage of doing that, no one would like to do that. Well, there are advantages for the experienced traders too. The biggest advantage is the recognition as a successful trader. Followers from across the world would know you as a successful trader. And if that isn’t enough for you, the professionals are rewarded with Copyop coins for each follower. And the value of these coins is equivalent to real money.

Exclusive features of Copyop

The members of this social trading community can enjoy features like real time trading alerts, automated copying with a click, Copyop coins, 24X7 support system, more than 100,000 community members, fast and friendly mobile app etc.

Are you still thinking? Don’t waste your time in thinking. If you are a professional trader with vast experience or even if you are a beginner, there are chances for everyone. So, open an account with Copyop and make the minimum deposit of $200 to start your journey as a renowned trader in the world.

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