easyMarkets Review

easyMarkets Review

This page contains a candid review of the easyMarkets forex trading platform and members website

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easyMarkets Executive Summary

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easyMarkets is a full service forex trading platform including training, trading, funds management, member website and user community

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Corporate – Run a background check (where available)

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Since 2003, easyMarkets has been revolutionizing currency trading in over 150 countries ans is a pioneer in developing Forex as a consumer product, easyMarkets continues to lead with customized technology and personal service tailored to all levels of traders

Product Specifications:

With one easyMarkets account, traders can trade currencies and commodities using their web, desktop or mobile platforms. Personalized FX training programs, Dealing Room specialists, rewarding introducing broker programs and innovative institutional partner offerings are just some of the reasons why thousands of traders choose easyMarkets every year

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easyMarkets™/EF Worldwide Ltd.


Free to join (US$25 deposit required)

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easyMarkets Review

When trading forex, traders need to be sure the platform they are using is secure, stable and most of all reliable. easyMarkets has been offering forex trading services since 2003 and in that time has gained a solid reputation for providing exactly that.

easyMarkets is popular with both individual and corporate traders alike, however one of its strengths is the support it provides those wishing to start forex trading without previous experience. Foreign currency trading is hazardous to say the least, and easyMarkets goes out of its way to warn novices about the dangers which lie ahead and provides all the learning tools you’ll need before you start including; training manuals, training videos, articles, a glossary, FAQ, demo account and a simulator to practice on before you try any real trades.

The training modules can all be found in their ‘Learning Centre’. Lets take a closer look at some of these.

Forex Trading Training Manuals

Learn about currency trading by downloading their eBook guide to Forex Trading. Find out how to make a Forex deal step-by-step; what technical and fundamental analyses are; get tips on how to trade currencies, precious metals and energy commodities etc.

easyMarkets Forex Trading Training Videos

The more you know about forex trading the better prepared you will be to formulate trading strategies and make informed decisions. Four modules of 10 videos are created to teach you from the basics to more advanced features of forex trading including:

Getting started with the forex basics
How to read charts
How to use technical and fundamental analysis

easyMarkets Demo Account

Once you’ve registered for an account with them you get access to a demo account which allocates you US$100,000 to play around with. From there on you can try to make as many mistakes as you can, as long as you learn from those mistakes of course. By the time you’re ready to make real trades you should be trading like a professional.

easyMarkets Forex Glossary

Like in any industry, the foreign currency exchange industry is full of terms and acronyms seemingly designed just to confuse novices. Let’s face it, even the industry itself uses the short form ‘Forex’ to describe itself. easyMarkets makes it easy for you with a database of glossary of terms and phrases commonly used and what they all mean.

easyMarkets Forex Articles

Learn about foreign exchange trading through their series of articles. Get started with Forex basics, read about commodities and how to trade them and when you are ready to expand your forex knowledge you can read their ‘Further Reading’ series.

easyMarkets Forex Simulator

The easyMarkets trade simulator is unique to easyMarkets and is arguably one of the best tools for any novice forex trader. With the easyMarkets trade simulator you can now try trading with no obligation, no cost and no risk. Feel the excitement of Forex, explore innovative features of the easyMarkets trading platform, and see for yourself just how easy it is to start trading with them.

easyMarkets Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Over the years easyMarkets has received a lot of questions from members which they have compiled into a ‘Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. Before you start your forex trading it is highly recommended that you browse the FAQ to see if there’s anything you’ve missed. If you know all the answers then you’ll know you’re ready to take that first leap. Here are just some of the frequently asked questions received from users worldwide:

What is Foreign Exchange Trading; what do I need to know?
What is Forex?
What is Over The Counter (OTC) trading?
What are Forex Instruments?
What is Day Trading at easyMarkets?
What is a Forward deal?
What is a Limit Order?
How do I know which currency will go up or down?
Why has the price of the deals I am interested in changed since the last time I checked?
What currencies can I trade with easyMarkets?
Is the Forex market regulated?
Is Forex risky?
What should I look for in an online trading platform?
What type of account is suitable for me?
What is Sharia or Islamic Law Accounts and do you offer them?
Can I log onto the site with my existing Username and Password?
What does the easyMarkets website contain?
How do I deposit money with easyMarkets?
What Identification Documents do I have to supply and why?
How do I withdraw money?
What hours can I trade?
I haven’t received my confirmation e-mail. I may have given you the wrong email address, or perhaps something went wrong with my deal. Can you please re-confirm?
Can you send me rates via e-mail?
What should I do if I have a problem regarding a specific easyMarkets deal?
Is online dealing at easyMarkets secure?
Why do I get a message saying my browser isn’t compatible with the site?
Why can’t I view the charts in Trade Tools?
Can I include a link to easyMarkets on my website?
How do I close my account?
How does easyMarkets make money?
Am I charged fees or commissions on deposits and withdrawals?
What is a renewal fee?
What is the maintenance margin at easyMarkets?
What trading tools does the easyMarkets platform have?
Where can I learn technical analysis techniques?
How can I increase my Forex activity?
How can I pass on my comments to easyMarkets?
What is a fractional pip?

easyMarkets Trading Platforms

easyMarkets make it easy for you to trade from any platform you wish. They keep up with the latest technology and innovations by investing in the latest software and apps so you can trade at home, on the road or at any computer in any internet café anywhere in the world.

They have their Trade Desk, web trading, easyMarkets MT4 and iPhone app. With new programs coming online all the time you’ll be never be left cut off from your trading account.

easyMarkets Research and Analysis

easyMarkets provide an array of tools for you to use in your research and analysis of currency pairs to trade with. Up to the minute information and expert opinions will leave you informed an educated:

Fundamental Analysis – Reports prepared by finance professionals from their global offices as well as externally sourced reports. These reports cover fundamental and technical analyses, overviews of the world economies and the financial calendar of economic announcements.

Technical Analysis – Get market depth and analyses that financial market professionals do including finding trading ideas, optimize entry and exit points and trading central technical analysis.

Charts – Multiple chart types. Select time periods, overlay indicators and line studies to customize your view including multiple chart types and time scales, RSI, MACD, EMA, Bollinger and Fibonacci where you can create and save your own templates.

Videos – Live from easyMarkets HQ, get daily news and announcements including live daily news, market summary and forecasts, special reports and outlooks.

Financial Calendar – A calendar of upcoming events that impact the money markets including economic indicators, times and locations of announcements, previous rates and forecasts.

Insider View – easyMarkets’s own members only analysis giving insights into real time trades and trends such as open deals, popular currencies, deal direction and disclosure.

SMS Alert Service – know the status of your deals and get up-to-the-minutes market information direct to your mobile phone or smart phone.

Dealing Room Chat – Where dealing room clients can chat directly to their personal dealer.

easyMarkets Review Conclusion

You can see by the efforts easyMarkets have gone to to ensure your trading experiences are trouble free why easyMarkets has become one of the most popular trading platforms available today. From the training tools to the trading tools, both novices and professionals stay with easyMarkets throughout their currency trading careers.

It costs nothing to join except a US$25 deposit as a show of serious intent.

Finally may we wish you the best of luck with your trading. We hope our easyMarkets review will help you make an informed decision.

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More Comments:

The market is a charmed place despite the volatility, uncertainty and many negative undertones. The glamour is hard to ignore. Along with theories that the faithful swear by, and spectacular gains one hopes to replicate there is an alarming level of fragility that comes from the world economy and its main players being bound together by the need to manage economic stability and growth.

For the discerning investor there could never be a surplus of leads, advice and guidance in this arena. Trading reviews from reputed companies and brokerages are the best way to gain access to inside wisdom that comes from years of experience. Traders are free thinkers and closely monitor market forces. Calculated risk taking and free spirited trading does not necessarily take into account trading reviews. What you are missing then is professional reports, instant feedback on every piece of breaking news on market developments, and technical analyses of stocks, currencies and commodities that represent the views and expert observations of veterans. To think like the experts and strike a desirable equation between costs and risks is the dream of every investor.

The winning factor is the tools and market intelligence, in-house analytics and resources, ongoing and deep skills acquired through years of practice and exposure to the currents and tides of the market. If a novice in the scene, the insights derived from trading reviews can be of immense aid in your activities. For a reasonable fee you can also avail of access to the best options and products, receive reliable information in your mailbox and plan your choices over short and long terms. As a beginner these initial insights will empower you to navigate the shifting landscape and make some early gains.

Forex reviews generated from the most advanced research and a finger on the pulse of the market will bring you a comprehensive view of the financial market. Typically covering a broad spectrum of political and economic events and understanding the implications of rebounds and recoveries, easyMarkets are relentless in their analysis. Intuitive working and strict monitoring of day to day events is the advantage that accompanies having a full team and sophisticated technology to forecast directions and assess risks. It is decades of trading data and entirely unpredictable movement of currencies that have to be taken into account. There is certainly the advantage of having lesser choices in the currencies and also the room to start with modest sums in this scene. However easyMarkets reviews will help you gain grip on a scene where trading volumes are phenomenal and help you engage big time.

Time is the single most critical factor in all trading. Quick decision making is what decides the fate of your investment. Rather than spending extended hours watching and studying the market, easyMarkets reviews will accelerate your decisions. Professional support is something that is sought in many areas of human endeavour especially when there are factors beyond control at play and risks involved. The prospect of an investment window with a trusted firm is fast gaining popularity as are the packed nuggets of information on facts, figures, rates and trading strategies that reviews bring.

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