Options Weekly Review

Options Weekly Review

This page contains a candid review of the Options Weekly ‘3% ROI Weekly Options Gains System‘ options trading club based on our own experiences having tried this product for a number of months.

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Options Weekly Executive Summary

Product Name:

3% ROI Weekly Options Gains System

Options Weekly Review

Refund Rate:

Non from this site

Product Description:

Trade along side John using his profitable, low returns producing trade alerts trading the weekly options, consistently putting money into your account week after week

Product Developer:

John Mylant – Run a background check (where available)

Developer Qualifications:

Self taught 20 years veteran in the options and stock trading and investing

Product Specifications:

Premium exclusive options trading club membership, providing highly profitable weekly trade alerts (up to 4 times a week) and intra-day news

Official Domain Name:


Options Weekly™/Empowered Investing Now


US$149.95 per month subscription

Payment options:

All major credit cards and PayPal


Not applicable (Subscription product)

Refund protection:

Not applicable (Cancel anytime)  (what’s this?)

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3% ROI Weekly Options Gains System Review

What I like about this weekly options trade signal service is that it is created for the ‘average Joe’ trader, by an average Joe trader, well in this case, an ‘average John’. John Mylant started trading in the stock market almost 20+ years ago, and for the first ten years, probably lost most of his money to the market.

The second half of that 20 years, he had learned the hard way and understood the market better, so started to actually make money by recognizing why he lost money. By avoiding his previous mistakes, he was able to make profitable trades consistently over the next 10 years in the stock market and world of options trading.

He was trading the quarterly and monthly, Indices and ETF options with great success until when CBOE started the weekly options in July 2010. He applied what he was already doing with the monthly options, and tweaked, test and re-test the strategies. Since then his success rate stands at an unbelievable 97.5% (track record) !!

After 17 months of such incredible record, he is very comfortable with his system and would like to share it with the average Joe traders around the world, to help them make money consistently, weekly.

Why I like John very much and thinks that he is different is because he is a very conservative trader, does not do risky and gambling trades. His idea is to get low but highly likely winning trades, consistently increasing the trading account, weekly, months after months. He has even shown me how it is possible to double the account safely and conservatively within a year, as long as I have the discipline to follow through his plans and trades. (watch video below)

Another plus point of this exclusive club is that, John constantly updates the members intra-daily, twice a day, on what are the market sentiments like and what he is watching and possibly trading. Even if I were to trade using another system, his intra-day summary is also a great digest to help me make better decisions on my own trades.

Joining the free trial (as a reviewer), I could see how John goes the extra mile to make sure that all his members has to be profitable, and would lecture you if you do not follow his instructions!! Oopss.. He told me off once when I tried to be smart by trying to be greedy, amending his trade alerts and go for a “better” ROI strike prices. I got a big telling off by him literally and cyberly.. His intention and reasoning was greatly appreciated and I was very lucky to win that trade within the borderline pass… And that was when I realized that why he is the mentor.

How Does 3% ROI Weekly Options Gains System Work

In a nutshell, this is what John does, he sells vertical credit spreads far out of the money, and this way, he has a very high chance of keeping the premiums that he collected by selling the spreads. Now we all know that stock prices move in generally 5 different scenarios.. By using John’s selling spreads method, we will make a profit as long as i) the underlying stock moves sideways (as good as not moving much away from the neutral line), ii) move a bit in favor of our trades, iii) move a lot in favor of our trades, iv) and even if it move against our trades, as long as it is not huge, we are still going to have a high chance of keeping the premiums.

The only 1 scenario that would give us a losing trade is when the underlying stock moves a huge percentage against our trades, (which has only happened 3 times in the last 17 months). So I automatically compared it with other strategies whereby we trade options using directional options strategies, whereby I will lose money if 4 out of the 5 scenario happens. Talking about probability, it seems that selling credit options spread is better.

I suppose what will stop most people from joining is the monthly cost of it. At $149.95 per month (I heard that there is a chance John will increase it in the near future), it is by far one of the more expensive monthly newsletters I have ever encountered. But John, explained it to me why he charges at this amount and why is it reasonable.

He explained that based on his current track record, it is almost very consistent win every week, and based on even a $3000 account balance to start with, a 3% ROI, would produce a $90 gains each week for 4 weeks. That deducting the fees, is still giving us a good percentage of ROI value profit. Furthermore, he set the fees that high is because he only wish to have very committed and serious traders, who appreciates his system and will faithfully follow his trade alerts. That was due to his experience of running his website, he said.

Another strong point of to this newsletters, is that John offers auto trading. It caters to people who wish to trade alongside with him, but does not have the opportunity to stay next to the computer and wait for his trade alerts. He especially found some broker who allow people to tag along to his trades, even while his members who has day jobs and are not able to trade in front of their computers. Super plus point for the average Joe again.

Is 3% ROI Weekly Options Gains System just another scam?

I would not want to recommend it if it is not of a substantial standard. It is hard to convince another person unless you try it for yourself and see. As always, I would check out someone’s reputation via google searching the name, and John Mylant seems ok so far, having operated for 17 months. No one is screaming scam or have a negative feedback on his services.

So what is your take on this? I know what mine is. Join the winning club of course.

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