Tradorax Review

tradorax Review

This page contains a detailed review of the tradorax Binary Options Trading Platform‘.

tradorax Executive Summary

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tradorax Review

Refund Rate: 
Not Applicable – Free to join
Product Description:
Binary Options platform which offers high quality trading experience, rich video library of tutorials, webinars and trading guide, 24/5 customer support in various languages, detailed market analysis.
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Developer Qualifications:
tradorax was founded in 2014 and has since been offering financial services to both professional and inexperienced traders.
Product Specifications:
tradorax offers a revolutionary platform for binary options and forex trading.

The range of tradorax`s trading instruments includes High / Low, One Touch, Boundary, and Short Term options.

No previous experience is required, and the tradorax product is suitable for advanced, as well as beginner traders.

tradorax offers over 100 assets from leading stock exchanges from around the globe: currency pairs, indices, commodities, and stocks.

The unique tradorax platform requires no downloads – simply register and begin trading using our web and mobile platforms for immediate accessibility and trade executions.

Traders gain return as high as up to 85%., moreover, the return on OneTouch is up to 200%. You can choose expiry time on deals can vary from 60 seconds to one month. The options profitability rate starts from 70% and can reach up to 500%.

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Free to join – $250 minimum deposit
Payment Options:
A wide range of convenient, secure, and reputable deposit methods. Some of these include credit or debit card (Visa, Master Card, Visa Electron, Maestro), wire transfer, as well as CashU, WebMoney and a variety of other alternative methods. We are constantly working on providing our clients with more processing and investment methods.
Up to 85% on some trades
Special Features:
Roll-over, Close Trade, Risk-free trades, Insured Trades

‘Roll Over’, allows you to roll your SmartOption over to the next available expiry time. If you find that your position is being unsuccessful, you can use Roll Over to increase the length of your SmartOption and increase the chances of success.

Close Trade

One of our clients favorite features of tradorax is ‘Buy Me Out’, which allows you to sell your SmartOption before the expiration time. You might use Buy Me Out if you position is unsuccessful and you want to get back some of your original investment. Alternatively, you might use this feature to sell the option if you are successful in order to make a smaller, but certain, return on your option.

Risk-free trades

For new clients, tradorax offers up to ‘3 completely Free Trades” where if the clients first three positions are unsuccessful, we’ll refund you all of your money!

Insured Trades

tradorax offers you, the ability to spread your risk by determining (at the onset of the trade), what both your profit and loss amount will be!

Joining bonus:
Bonuses can hit up to 500% in some cases and they vary by deposit ranges, including one-on-one training and alerts.

Our bonuses:

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tradorax Review

The binary options industry is gaining popularity amongst investors in the last few years. It offers fund-trading for short-term and medium-term deals to independent traders all over the world. These financial instruments have several specific features which make them preferable in the money industry- they allow to bet on price movements and respond quickly to the market trends. Furthermore, risk and reward are optimized with binary options since you do not buy the indices, stocks or commodities per say, but you rather follow market developments to forecast whether the price will increase or decrease. Hence, the risk is not that much, but luckily, returns can be impressively high.

tradorax offers a user-friendly platform which can be easily employed by traders. Educational center is also available for beginners who would like to start exploring the world of binary options.

The company offers 6 types of regular accounts: Mini, Silver, Gold, VIP, Saving Account, Self-Managed account.

tradorax- User Friendly

The broker works with the unmatchable platform Tech Financial. It brings the best of binary options trading. The very concept behind these financial instruments is not complicated at all, so the platform is designed in a way that even the laymen will find easy to get to grips with trading on the financial markets. A significant advantage of the tradorax’s software is that it is really fast, slippage is minimal, close to zero, which, unlike other platforms, enables instant trades. The website is also quite straightforward and navigation is simple. In case you are unable to find what you need, you can always contact the support team.

Access to the platform is unlimited since it is strictly web-based, requires no downloads, plus it has a mobile version as well, so you need nothing but an internet connection to trade with tradorax.

tradorax- registration and security

Registration at tradorax is free. Customer deposits are also well protected. They are segregated and secured with strictest safety regulations. They employed the latest 256-bit SSL technology to encrypt all trading sessions and the exchange of personal identity information.

tradorax- Assets & Expiry Times

The assets you can bid on are over 100 and you can select from all binary option asset categories available on the market: currency pairs (including all the major ones as well as a wide variety of cross currencies), stocks (of an broad array of big market players like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Ebay and many more of the same leading stock league), indices ( Dow Jones 30, Nasdaq 100, ASX-200 Future, NIFTY-200, S&P 500 and more), commodities( Gold, Silver, Platinum, Copper). The option expiry time is convenient for intraday and day traders. Short-term bids are also available-these include 60 seconds, 2minutes and 5 minutes time spans. Wider time frames are also offered from 15 minutes to one month.

tradorax – Customer Service

It is worth mentioning that when trading online, the customer service of your broker is of utmost importance. tradorax seem to know that very well since the staff is always friendly and helpful, as well as quite knowledgeable and quick-minded. In addition, account managers takes good care of your demands and provide instant help whenever asked to. Furthermore, the training and the advices they give are really useful for building effective trading strategy.

tradorax-Payout Rates

The return percentage is, naturally, the high priority criteria in selecting trading broker, so here is the list of payout rates for the individual options:

High/Low- return rate can be between 70% and 85%
OneTouch- 62%- 72%
Boundary 70%
Short-term 70%

These rates are also avarage for the bianry options tarding sector. The platoform of tradorax is quite stable and you do not have to be anxious about lag time and accuracy of instrument price- simply place your bet and let the market play.

tradorax– Deposits & Withdrawals

Good thing to know is that no deposit is required to complete registration. But in order to start trading you need to deposit an initial amount of 250 USD/EUR/GBP

The firm has done its job to make depositing easy on the front end, as well as withdrawing on the back end. Over multiple payment methods can be used for deposits and withdrawals, including payment by card, wire transfer and CashU.

Withdrawal requests are handled rapidly by the Finance Department, but the firm advises clients to have the proper documentation on file to ensure compliance with international law and a quick turnaround for clients’ requests.

tradorax- in summary

The binary options sector is characterized by extremely high competition. Traders need reliable and confident brokers like tradorax to assist them in market insight and to provide them with top-notch customer support for long-term success in the money-market adventures. tradorax presents the wide variety of tools necessary for an effective trading strategy-broad range of asset choices, trading instruments, and more than favorable payoff ratios, and a fast and simple platform. The company also protects and guides its clients and has a promising future as a top player in the binary options industry.

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