Forex Growth Bot Review

Forex Growth Bot Review

This page contains a candid review of the Forex Growth Bot forex trading software based on our own experiences having tried this product for a number of months.

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‘Forex Growth Bot’ Review
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‘Forex Growth Bot’ Executive Summary

Product Name:

Forex Growth Bot

Forex Growth Bot Review
Refund Rate:
2% – Very Low
Product Description:
Forex Growth Bot is a downloadable software which when launched, connects to foreign exchange market data and calculates entry and exit points of currency pairs. Trades are made on your behalf which occur on average 6 times a week, although depending on market conditions can vary between 3 and 10 times in a week
Product Developer:
Eugene Lipinsky – Run a background check (where available)
Developer Qualifications:
Developer is a russian mathematician who claims to have profited by over $100k in under two years plus provides proof of profiting by 556% in only three months, using his Forex Growth Bot software
Product Specifications:
Software ‘robot’ uses over 8 years of algorithmic market data to predict future price movement and executes trade size based on risk capital deployed. Software is simple to install and once the associated forex account set up is complete can be set to run demonstration trades or live trades as preferred, with the option to manually over-ride if preferred
Official Domain Name:
Forex Growth Bot™/
US$70 one time payment
Payment options:
All major credit cards and PayPal
60 days
Refund protection:

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Does Forex Growth Bot Work?

I must admit I have always found myself skeptical of forex trading robots. Only a handful of them work and this is largely due to the sheer volume of historical data which would need to be analyzed to have any chance of getting accurate predictions.

Only those which you access via an application on your computer, but which actually connect to a robot which runs on a high powered server could possibly work.

Forex Growth Bot does fall within this category and this may be the reason it has been so well received. Irrespective of that, it is worth a deeper look at.

Now as it is impossible for any one robot to analyze all historical data, what determines a better robot is what data is being chosen to analyze and how it should be processed, and ultimately therefore, how clever are the developers.

I confess it is this which initially attracted me to take a longer look at Forex Growth Bot. Surely a Russian mathematician is about as clever as you can get? Hmmm, interesting marketing tactic, if indeed that were true.

With independent trading in the foreign exchange (forex) markets having exploded in recent years, mainly due to the ease in which individuals can now access forex trading platforms, trading applications (robots – good and bad) have seen equal, explosive growth. What once was the purvey of licensed brokers only, is now available to anyone with a computer and an internet connection.

The forex market comes with many advantages over other markets with its super high liquidity (meaning it is easy to get in and out of trades), smaller commissions and 24 hours-a-day access, it’s easy to see why forex is fast overtaking other types of markets for public interest and participation.

Unfortunately this is a double edged sword, as no one person can keep their finger on the button 24 hours a day, which is what you would need to do if you wanted to be ready to take advantage of the really profitable trades at any time they arise.

This need to keep an eye on the markets is what has led to the explosive growth of forex trading robots, with Forex Growth Bot being one of the most recent to hit the shelves. These ‘robots’ perform the research, analysis and execution of trades without the need for human intervention, thereby allowing you, the user to get on with other more enjoyable pastimes.

Like with all software, improvements can be made using the higher processing speeds now available, which takes advantage of the larger amounts of algorithmic data in play. In fact it is these variations of movements and the associated outcomes which robot software like Forex Growth Bot use to predict future price movements.

It is because of these reasons that Forex Growth Bot has proven to be popular with both novice and experienced traders alike. From our own experiences and the feedback we have received from many other users, Forex Growth Bot is excellent at picking pairs which are about to make their relative moves and successfully execute the trades with precision and timing.

New software does have its downsides though with bugs and other functionality missed at release time, and it does take time for the bugs to be ironed out and improved functionality written in. Forex Growth Bot as a software release is no different. Feedback has noted that whilst Forex Growth Bot is excellent at picking entry points, earlier releases did have room for improvement when it came to exiting at the right time.

In fact, in the earlier demo version some testers reported that they had to step in and manually over-ride the software to ensure exit trades were made to better maximize profits. If left to its own devices, the software often allowed profits to shrink slightly before automatically stepping in to exit the trade.

The lesson clearly is to monitor the robot’s trades for a while until you get a better feel for what it is doing, and if necessary manually exit certain trades if you feel maximum profit has been attained.

In fact, whilst I always welcome automation whenever possible, I firmly believe that automation has its limitations and results can always be improved upon by occasional human intervention. Furthermore, when I am using software new to me I will always spend extra time monitoring its performance and insisting the software proves itself to me, rather than giving it any benefit of the doubt whatsoever, especially where money is concerned.

This reserved approach has saved me many times when robots I have tested in the past have not lived up to my expectations, or the promises made by its developers.

Results for the test accounts have been outstanding, with well over 80% of trades going the right way. This, together with the robot’s quick exiting of the losing trades left the accounts with impressive profits.

Opening Balance
Closing Balance
Test Account 1
Test Account 2
Test Account 3
Test Account 4
Test Account 5

In answer to the question “Does Forex Growth Bot work?”, the response would be yes it does, from both my own experiences and those detailed above.

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Is Forex Growth Bot A Scam?

Forex Growth Bot is an actual software which you download and install on your computer. It is simple to install as is suggested by the developers and it only takes a few minutes to set up the accounts for the software to start doing its thing.

It researches the relative currency prices, analyzes what is happening in the market to the historical data stored in the database, predicts entry points, executes entry trades, predicts exit points and executes exit trades. This is all as advertised by the developer on the information page.

For these reasons alone it would be safe to say that Forex Growth Bot is not a scam. Additionally to be a scam Eugene Lipinsky would need ‘to swindle (someone) by means of a trick’ ( which obviously he is not doing by the reports available throughout the internet of the successes users have been getting using his system.

Perhaps the most convincing bit of ‘inside’ information which would lend legitimacy to the product is the fact that it is only available through Clickbank Inc. For those who do not know, Clickbank Inc. is a USA registered company and arguably the biggest on the internet for sales of digital (downloadable) products.

Clickbank was set up to secure payments and assure refunds of online purchases due to concerns of the existence of growing numbers of real scam artists. It does this by acting as intermediary between buyer and seller. Clickbank receives your money for the purchase and holds that against future sales of the product until your 60 day refund period has expired.

If you wish to claim a refund you simply click on a link in the receipt you were emailed from Clickbank at the time of purchase. You will be taken to their refund page where you can claim your money back. You don’t even have to give a reason if you don’t want to, and you will get your credit card refunded in a day or two, sometimes sooner.

The seller has no say in this process. They are just notified of returns as and when they happen. You can learn more about Clickbank’s refund policy by clicking on the image below:

Clickbank has a solid reputation and guards its integrity vehemently. With Clickbank Inc. controlling the purchases, your refund is assured.

As part of their license to operate, Clickbank Inc. are responsible to ensure that all products sold through them are not fraudulent, however they do not need to concern themselves with checking quality.

As a result there are many poor quality products being sold on Clickbank, and forex trading robots have more than their fair share of duds. Fortunately there is a way of checking whether a product is good or not and that is by calculating refunds. The higher the number of returns, the lower the quality of the product.

Using data provided by Clickbank and a slightly clunky mathematical formula which takes into account sales, Clickbank fees, withheld funds and payouts, we are able to calculate a product’s return rate. In the case of Forex Growth Bot the refund rate is 2% (or one in 50 sales), which is considered very low indicating a high satisfaction rate with buyers.

Please also note that we have sold many more than that through this review, and to date we have not received one complaint about Forex Growth Bot nor any requests for refunds. Furthermore, when we conducted our own background check on Eugene Lipinsky, he turned up clean.

This section asks the question “Is Forex Growth Bot a scam?”. With the evidence provided I believe we have adequately followed our research to the conclusion that no, it is not.

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Forex Growth Bot Review

Notwithstanding the fact that Forex Growth Bot has proven itself not to be a scam and in fact works, at least for many of the users, we still need to examine whether it would work for you.

Is it the type of trading that would suit you in terms of risk/reward, commitment of your time and overall comfort levels. According to Clickbank Inc., there are refunds made of this product, so we must assume that it does not work for some, and you may be one of those.

Like any product like this it needs to be given time and a chance to work. It does not get every trade right, but it does get more trades right from wrong. This together with it’s tight stop settings makes sure you exit trades quickly if they go the wrong way. This is vital in any trading strategy.

With more profitable trades than losers, together with the software’s ability to track support levels and exit quickly when support levels are broken, all leads to good consistent profits when taken over several days. To let the system run for a day or two then make judgment on how good (or bad) it is is not doing the software, or yourself, justice.

You don’t have to trade with real money to test it out either. Remember, you have 60 days guarantee so make the most of it by setting it to ‘demo mode’ and letting it run on it’s own for a few weeks to see how it does. You will be pleasantly surprised.

If however, after that time you haven’t seen the results you want then put in for a refund. If you are getting the results then try a few real money trades to see if you can make enough to cover the cost of the product before the 60 day refund deadline arrives.

Forex Growth Bot is a $70 one-time-payment, so set yourself a challenge, and if you can’t make $70 in the few weeks you get to trial it and do a few real money trades, then perhaps you should consider other ways to make an income from your computer. At the very least you’ll get a very good insight into the mechanics of the forex markets (for free), plus you’ll also get to keep the bonuses you are given.

Before we make a conclusion with this product, let’s quickly go through the kind of trading that Forex Growth Bot is NOT, rather than what it is, to help you see whether it’s the type of investing you are more suited to.

Firstly, Forex Growth Bot is pretty much hands off trading. Like there are people who prefer to drive stick shift (manual) cars rather than an automatic, there are traders who prefer to have complete control of their trading. They prefer to go with their own reasons for entering and the price at which to exit. Whilst it is possible to manually control Forex Growth Bot, unless you know what you are doing you could run into conflicting direction causing losing trades which should otherwise have been profitable.

If you are the kind who likes to micro manage your trades then I would suggest Forex Growth Bot may not be for you.

Secondly, forex trading with Forex Growth Bot is not long term hold trading. You won’t buy a currency and hold it for the long term. Once you have established your base currency you will be taken in and out of trades quickly. This is done to maximize profits, but if you prefer trading with long horizons, then Forex Growth Bot may not be for you either.

Finally, Forex Growth Bot will not take you through high-risk trades. It will take you though lots of smaller low risk trades with the objective of shaving pips off the top. Sometimes these are small shavings, other times they can be substantial. However there won’t be any overnight tripling of money like you can get with say, trading penny stocks, nor will there be the huge losses. If this high octane, high risk, high reward trading is what you are looking for then Forex Growth Bot will definitely not be for you.

My guess is that because you were looking for a fully automated forex trading robot before you came to this page, you won’t be one of the three types of traders described above. This means the only way you can really find out whether Eugene Lipinsky’s Forex Growth Bot actually works for you is to try it yourself.

At least you’ll know after that whether it works for you or not, or whether it’s your type of trading or not, and you can get your money back within the 60 days if it doesn’t.

May we wish you the best of luck with your trading. We hope our Forex Growth Bot review will help you make an informed decision.

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