Penny Stock Egghead Review


This page contains a candid review of the Penny Stock Egghead ‘One Trade A Week Club’ email newsletter alert service based on our own experiences having tested this product for a number of months.

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Is Penny Stock Egghead a Scam?
Penny Stock Egghead Review

Penny Stock Egghead Executive Summary

Product Name:

Penny Stock Egghead

Penny Stock Egghead Review

Refund Rate:

0.13% – Negligible

Product Description:

Weekly email alert service of penny stocks about to break out. Normally product developer takes a position himself, allowing the member to trade alongside proven track record

Product Developer:

Nathan Gold – Run a background check (where available)

Developer Qualifications:

Developer was an unknown teenage math whizz who used his natural abilities to accurately predict penny stock price movements, and now uses that ability to help thousands of subscribers profit using his weekly alert service

Product Specifications:

‘One Trade A Week Club’ weekly email alert service showing stock pick, entry and exit points and justification

Official Domain Name:


Penny Stock Egghead™/


US$97 one time payment

Payment options:

All major credit cards and PayPal


60 days

Refund protection:

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Does Penny Stock Egghead Work?

When Penny Stock Egghead first appeared (not that long ago) I was skeptical how well it would compete against the other penny stock email alert services out there, and let’s face it there are a lot of them.

I have to admit my skepticism was short lived as feedback from readers has been phenomenal. In fact of all the copies we have sold from this site we have yet to have any negative feedback, and certainly zero returns. This is highly unusual.

Indeed our own experiences with the Penny Stock Egghead have been impressive too.

During my adolescent years, my parents always stressed how important it was to have your money work for you and that you, in turn, work hard for your money. While these two warring visions of finances do not always coincide, I’ve found to make a comfortable living, both points of view are entirely necessary.

Unless you have an unlimited source of funds, a sizable trust fund, or can psychically pick the winning lotto numbers, investing is a great way to make the money you’ve earned work harder for you. Leaving your savings in a money market or certificate of deposit earns you low interest rates and locks in a block of your money on someone else’s time frame.

What has long bothered me about investing is paying a broker to invest my money, knowing that broker makes money…even when I don’t. For every trade, they take their cut. After losing money steadily when my broker managed it, I pulled out my portfolio and decided to take the reins.

I’ve been looking into investing as a retail investor, mostly so I can take a greater role in my financial future and have the flexibility to make the best money moves possible for myself. While there are scores of products designed to help people like me, Penny Stock Egghead hit a resounding chord that really echoes my sentiments.

What Penny Stock Egghead does is let you know about the next up-and-coming penny stock on the market, so you are poised to buy a winning stock on the cheap and sell when the price takes off. With my limited investment fund, Penny Stock Egghead was the ideal fit.

The theory behind buying penny stocks is that the larger investment firms are focused on the blue chip stocks and pay little or no attention to the penny stocks that are bountiful in the market. That leaves the field wide open for smaller investors, like me, to buy penny stocks (in reasonable quantities) and sell for a hefty percentage of profit.

With the thousands of penny stocks on the market, why not just invest in some of them and see how it turns out? This is easy, because most of the penny stocks are worth far less than they are being sold at. Without going into minute detail, most penny stocks are penny stocks for a very good reason, they simply do not have the value that blue chip stocks have.

What Nathan Gold, the man behind Penny Stock Egghead, does is email you the hottest, most lucrative penny stock. He emails only one stock when he sees a fast rising penny stock and this allows you to buy before the price really starts to skyrocket.

If you are looking for a safe investment, why not invest in blue chip stocks over penny stocks? In the time that the blue chip stocks have lost $9.6 trillion dollars, penny stocks are actually up – more than 115% up!

While many of us have been feeling the pinch of this modern day economic downward spiral, the investors who’ve bought winning penny stocks are wondering – what recession? From their vantage point, there is no economic downturn, only profit that is waiting on the horizon.

Since like many people out there, I still work a 50+ hour work week, I can not afford to be charting dozens of penny stocks each week, looking for the right stock to buy. This is where Penny Stock Egghead can make a stand-out difference – you are emailed one stock per week. Only one stock to watch and decide to buy each week. Since time is money, this is a smart investment in the limited time you have for investing and is an excellent use of your investment dollars. Let someone else do the research for you, while you make the decisions and make the profits.

How many times at work does someone look up some figures for your report, or someone else looks up the phone number for a client or business associate? More times than you can count each week, right? This is no different – you simply let Nathan Gold’s Penny Stock Egghead do the research for you. In every business, there has to be a division of labor, this frees you up to make the decisions, decisions in your financial future.

So to provide an answer to “Does Penny Stock Egghead Work?”, it is yes, on condition are quick off the mark and enter and exit when you are supposed to. Also, give the system several trades at least to pan out.

Is Penny Stock Egghead A Scam?

Why are so many people flocking to the investment market, looking to strike it rich, like the California Gold Rush of more than 160 years ago? Like the early settlers, the people of the modern day investment rush are looking for a more solid financial future than the one currently afforded to them. And with very good reason and incentive, after looking at today’s market, it’s hard not to jump in and invest for yourself.

With modern wages hopelessly stagnating, massive job losses and high unemployment, and steadily climbing costs of living, the income you were earning five to ten years ago has remained nearly the same while those same dollars cover far less than they used to. Does any of this sound familiar? I thought it would. Though, in that same time frame, companies are reporting staggering profits each quarter. Wonder where that money goes? To their investors.

In the frenzy to the investment market, many people are still hurting after their heavy losses when the recession began and believe that buying blue chip stocks is the safest way to invest. And it might be, if you had enough capital to make large purchases of stock at a time, which I feel confident in saying that you probably do not have.

Here is a new way to look at the stock market. Most banks, mutual fund, and investment firms buy and sell blue chip stocks – because they have access to the capital it takes to make those investments potentially profitable. As a retail investor, you, in all likelihood, do not have that kind of capital. But, like in any successful market, there is something for everyone.

The ideal investment strategy for you in buying penny stocks and Nathan Gold, with Penny Stock Egghead, is able to take some of the work out of this process for you. Penny stocks are a potentially highly profitable venture, with stocks selling for $.75 going up to $3.47 in a period of 14 days. If you bought $500 worth of those stocks, you’d have made a profit in 2 weeks of over $1,800! Does this sound like a scam? Here is how it all shakes down.

Most penny stocks never see this level of profit, but still some of them do. What Penny Stock Egghead does is carefully chart rising penny stocks, searching for that stock that is poised to jump in price and when that stock has been found, you are emailed and giving exclusive information so you can buy while it’s still low and sell once the price reaches your investment threshold (the percent increase you choose to sell at).

Nearly all larger investment firms and banks consider penny stocks to be a fruitless venture, and with their immense buying power, they would create a spike in the price of the penny stock but once they sold it, they would lose all profits. Penny stocks are prices low for a reason – they do not attract attention of the big players in the investment field, making this the ideal investment for someone with limited investment funds.

Once a week, Penny Stock Egghead will email you the hottest stock of the week – one that is sure to be a solid investment. Then it’s up to you – you can choose to invest or pass on every investment opportunity that Penny Stock Egghead sends your way. You are, at every point of the process, in complete control of your investing. No broker fees to pay, no questions, no worries. You just have someone doing the research for you, freeing up your precious time to spend on the people, activities, and things that matter to you.

At any point you can invest a little, invest a lot, or not invest at all when you receive the exclusive tips from Penny Stock Egghead. If you wanted someone else to invest your money, you would have done that already, this is the perfect tool for a new investor to take their initial foray into investing on their own and it works great for anyone with a busy lifestyle who doesn’t have time to chart, graph, and study the peaks and drops of each penny stock on the market today.

Penny Stock Egghead Review

What sets one stock market product apart from all the others on the market is workability. When retail investors are searching for a service or product to help them invest their money, the biggest complaint I’ve heard, and I’ve heard this so many times, is too many of these solutions are simply not user friendly. Finding the right blend of workable product and ease of use is a delicate balance.

The biggest trick is to find a product designed by someone with extensive experience in the market, but also someone who understands that trading isn’t necessarily someone else strong suit or passion, but merely a means to an additional income.

After careful research, I found one clear product that offers this unique balance of insider knowledge and easy-to-use functionality that beginners need to get started in the market, and that is Penny Stock Egghead. Couple this with the fact that it is aimed at new investors, retail investors, and is a boon for those with limited funds to invest. That was exactly the balance I had in mind when I started looking for some investment help.

Penny Stock Egghead is as straightforward as the products get. Like its name implies, penny stocks are what you buy, making this an ideal fit for those with limited funds to invest and who are looking for solid returns on their investments. With that in mind, I must admit, even though I’ve been looking into trading systems for weeks now, I was hooked.

I have always heard that there is a fortune to be made trading and that penny stocks are perfect for your trader-in-training, but how do you know which one is right for you. With thousand of stocks to choose from, it has long been a mystery to me at how insiders know which stocks to buy and when. That complexity is what keeps many would-be retail investors from taking the plunge into the labyrinth of trading.

Here at Penny Stock Egghead, Nathan Gold, founder and creator, has a solution – he does all the charting, graphing, and research and each week sends you the hottest Penny Stock tip – and then the choice is yours. It’s as easy as checking your email.

You can choose to buy or to pass until the next Penny Stock Egghead email arrives. With each email, you are giving one, just one, fast rising penny stock to invest in and you make the call to invest or to pass, the choice is up to you, no pressure, no questions asked. Instead of being constantly bombarded by emails with several penny stock possibilities, it’s simple. One email, one penny stock, one choice for you to make.

Why invest in penny stocks? They have the best percentage rate return on investment and the market is virtually open when it comes to penny stocks – no competition from the big boys in corporate banking here. The blue chip market is ruled by conglomerates, big banks, and corporate investors – in other words, big money. That’s the kind of money that we just can not compete with.

So why try to compete when there is a market tailored for us that big money investors routinely ignore? If a blue chip stock posts a gain of $1 per stock, if you can only afford 3 shares of it, you’ve made $3. If a penny stock selling for $.75 posts a gain of $1 and you bought 200 shares of it, you’ve made $200. When you trade penny stocks, you stand to make tremendous gains in a short amount of time. The result: fast profits and Penny Stock Egghead is the key.

If you are tired of dismal returns on investments, disgusted by the low interest rates for saving accounts, and fed up with paying your broker to trade for you, knowing he makes a percentage whether you make money or not, this is a great opportunity to take the reigns for yourself. After all, no one will be as carefully tuned-in to your investments as you are. Every broker manages multiple clients, this way your broker (you) only manage one client. With that level of focus and attention, you’ll be getting better service and the best part, you are always in control of your money.

May we wish you the best of luck with your trading. We hope our Penny Stock Egghead review will help you make an informed decision.

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