Best Penny Alerts Review

Best Penny Alerts Review

This page contains a candid review of the Best Penny Alerts email alert newsletter based on our own experiences having tried this product for a number of months.

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Best Penny Alerts Review
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Best Penny Alerts Executive Summary

Product Name:

Best Penny Alerts

Best Penny Alerts Review
Refund Rate:
0.31% – Negligible
Product Description:
Weekly (and more frequent) email alert newsletter identifying penny stocks product developer is about take a position in himself. This allows buyer to trade alongside proven track record. Limited to 500 subscribers only
Product Developer:
David Roy – Run a background check (where available)
Developer Qualifications:
Developer spent seven years developing his secret system which helped a novice investor turn $1000 into $11000 in just a few weeks

Product Specifications:
Email alert showing stock pick, entry and exit points and justification
Official Domain Name:
Best Penny Alerts™/
US$97 one time payment
Payment options:
All major credit cards and PayPal
60 days
Refund protection:

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Does Best Penny Alerts Work?

I don’t know if this is true with you and your search into residual income streams, but I have been bombarded with information on how to make the stock market, trading, or foreign exchange market work for me. With so many products, systems, and techniques available today, how are you supposed to know which one will work best for you?

Each system tells you how all their competitors on the market that you’ve looked at won’t work, but they never stop and tell you how they can work for you. Does that sound familiar? I thought so.

After all of my searching, I honestly did not think I would find a system that actually tells me how it will work for me, the investing novice. My head was swimming with claims that didn’t seem plausible from all the researching I had done. After all, if it was that easy, why doesn’t everyone have a fortune, live in a gorgeous mansion, vacation several times a year, and not have to work the nine-to-five grind? That’s easy enough to answer. Most systems being sold today simply do not work or they don’t work for the people that bought them.

A few weeks ago, I found that elusive system, the one that actually gives you a blueprint of how it works, and a basic set of buy now/sell now prices and strategies, without hours of long instruction, promising you the Ivy-League education in online courses. The one thing you can count on in the markets of today is that the prices will go up – and at some point, they will go back down again.

The trick of the game is knowing when to sell before the price starts coming back down and at Best Penny Alerts, their system helps take some of the guesswork out of that. And, best of all, they even have this system tailored to small-time investors like us.

Unlike the typical robots or complex software systems that claim to think for you, the creator of Best Penny Alerts, David Roy, gives you email alerts letting you know when to buy and sell. All you have to do is open a brokerage account, send in your initial investment, and get started trading.

Check your email, invest a little at a time, all you have to do is just follow the buy and sell alerts in the emails you receive. What could be simpler? No intricate charts, complex trading systems, or software that claims to be able to think for you. Let a professional take some of the mystery out of the market. David Roy has been trading for years and has the knowledge and expertise to know the balance and rhythm of the market and let him do the interpreting for you. It’s like having your own broker emailing you all the tips and hints that they never seem to do.

And, better than hiring a broker, David Roy’s Best Penny Alerts will point you towards penny stocks on the market, recognizing their growth potential ahead of the big-time investors who typically focus on blue-chip stocks and leave the path free for investors like us to persue the penny stocks and start building our portfolio and our trading confidence. Soon, we will have a residual income, maybe even find a way to build a nest egg, pay down debt, or take care of some long-needed financial goals.

So to provide an answer to “Does Best Penny Alerts Work?”, it would have to be yes, provided you follow the instructions by entering and exiting when you are supposed to and being quick on the trigger. If you miss an opportunity then don’t try to catch up, simply wait for the next pick and be ready next time. Don’t be greedy and oh, give the system several trades at least to pan out.

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Is Best Penny Alerts A Scam?

Best Penny Alerts is an email stock picking alert service which promises frequent alerts which cover entry price, exit price and justifications for the picks. These alerts are sent and whilst not all of them are right, the servies does what it says it does and as a result it is safe to say that Best Penny Alers by David Roy is not a scam.

Further, a background check on David Roy turned up clean.

A further point which lends confidence to the product is that not only does it come with a guarantee for 60 days, that guarantee is underwritten by Clickbank Inc. Clickbank protects the buyer by taking the payment for the product and only passes it on to the vendor client after the guarantee period has expired.

It is them who take the money and hold it for you, so if you request a refund you do not have to deal directly with the vendor. In fact the vendor has nothing to do with it.

Clickbank usually process within a couple of days, although some refunds are given instantly. I guess a lot depends on whether the refund is requested on a weekday or weekend.

You can learn more about Clickbank Inc.’s refund policy if you wish by clicking on the image below:

Lastly, if the definition of the term ‘scam’ is “a fraudulent or deceptive act”, then by virtue of the alerts you do receive, Best Penny Alerts does not fall into the category.

If you decide to go ahead with your purchase then make sure you give it an opportunity to work. Taking a position once, making a loss and declaring it a scam does neither the product or yourself justice.

Additionally, getting greedy by holding longer than you are told to only to lose on the trade is not the fault of the product, no matter how much in denial the trader is. I know a lot of traders who are never able to take responsibility for their losing trades. Needless to say, their winning trades are always a result of their expertize.

David Roy’s Best Penny Alerts service has been going since August 2009. If it genuinely was a scam then it would most likely not be around anymore. Clickbank Inc. for a start would have suspended their contract as their operating license requires them to vet for fraud, but not quality.

Quailty is improtant though, and the best way to tell if a product has quality (and to an extent, value for money), then the best way to tell is if the product gets a lot of refunds. The more refunds a product gets, the less happy are the customers.

It is possible to calculate a products refund rate on Clickbank using a complicated mathematical forumla, however we have taken the liberty of doing that for you. In this case, David Roy’s Best Penny Alerts has a refund rate of 0.31%, meaning about 3 purchasers in every one thousand.

This is considered very low, meaning almost all customers are satisifed with their purchase.

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Best Penny Alerts Review

Best Penny Alerts is the latest concept in making money quickly in market trading. With thousands of products, systems, and robots out there – each claiming to have the secret to instant success and overnight financial independence, how do you know this is the right system for you?

Best Penny Alerts is exactly that: email alerts of when certain penny stocks are starting to build in profit, allowing you the opportunity to buy cheap and sell for a profit. That’s all the market is based on: buy low and sell high. An experienced trader and broker, David Roy, created Best Penny Alerts and still runs it and is allowing a limited number of new subscriptions. To keep the profits high, he has to limit the number of investors looking to profit through his hard work and efforts.

You, the small time investor, get tipped by Best Penny Alerts to the potential profits behind penny stocks just before they make their big gains. Big-time investors won’t take notice of the smaller stocks as they chase bigger profits (and losses) from the blue-chip stocks. Since the stock market has something for everyone, this category is uniquely tailored to fit beginner investors who have a limited amount of available capital to start investing with.

As you follow the email alerts and buy and sell, you can watch your profits begin to build instantly. By taking smaller risks and buying lower priced stocks, you are able to effectively and efficiently manage the risks you take and build a steady stream of profit making trades. There are no courses to learn, philosophies to remember, or charts to study. All the work is done by Best Penny Alerts. You just read an email and click on the stocks you want to buy.

Ideal for anyone just starting out, Best Penny Alerts works well for people with a modest amount to invest to being able to benefit a larger scale investor with more money to invest. With such an impressive range of investors, Best Penny Alerts can only be offered for a limited time, to a limited number of individuals. This is done to protect the current investors from losing out on greater potential profits. As the penny stocks is bought and traded quickly, there is only room for a certain number of people using Best Penny Alerts to make a solid profit. And, after all, isn’t that why we are all here?

Like with any market trading, there are potential risks to getting involved in buying and sells of stocks, but by focusing on penny stocks, your risks are much less than had you been focusing you attention on buying and selling blue-chip stocks. By focusing on penny stocks, you raise the potential profit per stock without needing to increase the amount of money you have available to invest. Minimizing expense and maximizing profit – that’s all the market strategy you need to remember.

The hardest part of trading is seeing when is the right time for you to sell before the price drops and with Penny Alerts, you are given a sell-at price. All the calculating is already done for you. All you have to do is read your email, which I’m sure you already do, and follow the simple instructions you are given. What could be easier?

Instead of studying demos or sitting through long, often tedious, online courses, you read your email, buy and sell on the stocks you selection and you are trading on the market with ease and confidence. As your profits grow, you can invest more, live more, and do more. Do more of the things you have been unable, or unwilling, to do in this economy like save for retirement, pay down debt, and get started on those long-term financial goals you’ve been putting off as you’ve seen your paycheck stagnate, your interest on your investments plummet, and the cost of basic goods and services remains on the rise.

Perhaps one day you, like Best Penny Alerts creator David Roy, will be a full-time investor, able to set your own hours, work from home, and have that time with your family that you never seem to get, and be able to take that long overdue vacation that you have earned.

May we wish you the best of luck with your trading. We hope our Best Penny Alerts review will help you make an informed decision.

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Additional Reviews/Contributions

Never Sure Where To Start

I’ve recently signed up for Penny Alerts, a new stock-tip newsletter from David Roy. I have wanted to try my hand at the stock market, but was never sure where to start, how to start, and most importantly, which stocks to pick. This has made it easy and fast for me to trade, unlike the other systems currently out on the market.

Let me explain a little further, first. Best Penny Alerts is an emailed newsletter subscription from creator David Roy, an experienced broker and trader. You receive emails letting you know which penny stocks are a good investment and you even get a tip of when to sell or trade your stock – at what price it is expected to top out. You buy when you receive the email alert and sell when it reaches the price mentioned in the email.

It’s made buying and selling stocks easy for me, I didn’t have to try to understand hours of online courses (which I never seem to get through or really comprehend), it’s not a software system that claims to think for you, and you don’t have to learn much of a theory or philosophy at all. All you need to remember is buy low and sell high. That, and nothing goes up or down forever.

Penny stocks are an ideal initial investment for retail investors like you and I, who are just looking to get our feet wet in the market, before going out to swim with the big fish in the sea. Most major investors, the big fish, are swimming after blue-chip stocks, leaving the pond of penny stocks free and clear for smaller fish to find.

I like knowing that the companies I’m investing in today might become the leaders of tomorrow. The fast-paced environment of trading is a great fit for someone looking to learn and invest who has a limited amount of capital to get started with and wants to get started today.

As you buy and sell, you will notice your profit accumulating at a steady rate, with each trade, there is a little more profit to be earned and re-invested for your next trade. The simplicity of trading using Penny Alerts really has given me the confidence to keep trading, keep investing, and continue growing a nest egg for myself and my family.

If you are like me, you’ve wanted to get started trading in the stock market, maybe as a residual income, maybe to help replace an income that was lost due to downsizing in this volatile economy, or maybe you just needed to indulge a passion you’ve held for trading in the market.

For me, I’m a combination of all the above and I came to a point where I needed to give investing a try. While I do have a small savings, the paltry amount of interest it earns is so little, compared to the work I did to earn the money, the taxes I’ve already paid on that money, the taxes I pay on the interest it earns me – the whole system of savings is rather disheartening.

While my savings was earning less than two percent interest, I mistakenly thought that was as good as it was going to get, until I started looking into making some money through the stock market. I could not afford the high fees a broker makes, and I found it ironic that brokers make money whether you do or not. For every stock you buy and trade, they make a percentage. Why should I pay someone to invest my money if that person has no incentive to make sure I make money?

I knew I’d have to find a way to invest on my own and Best Penny Alerts has helped me do just that. I choose when to buy and sell, what I buy and sell, and I do not pay someone else to make those decisions for me or to do the actual buying and selling. I simply opened up my own account and got started. I’ve saved a small fortune in broker fees by doing my own trading and I am in complete control of my investing. Penny Alerts really did help me make all this happen, and I’m looking forward to many more profitable years.

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