Refund Protection Scheme
We at make it a point to ensure the products we review and promote are legitimate, and that the sellers abide by their promises to refund customers in full, without question, if the buyer is for whatever reason, not 100% satisfied with their purchase.

In most cases this means we have actually purchased the product ourselves and asked for a refund within the stipulated guarantee period.

Very rarely have we ever had a problem obtaining a refund.

Having said this, there have been instances where the buyer has not been able to obtain a refund for their purchase for one reason or another.

We at will protect those who buy through us by providing a 100% refund ourselves should you be unable to get a refund through normal channels in the time period provided.

If you have purchased a product through our website and have tried (without success) to get a refund please let us know so that we may warn future buyers of this potential hazard.

Thank you.

Trading Reviews Team