This page contains a candid review of the 2StockTrading Tipsheet service and ‘Secrets of Successful Traders’ ebook training course based on our own experiences having tried this product for a number of months.

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Secrets of Successful Traders Executive Summary

Product Name:

2StockTrading Tipsheet and Secrets of Successful Traders

Secrets of Successful Traders Review

Refund rate:

0.16% – Negligible

Product Description:

Tipsheet email alert service advising when to enter and exit trades plus best selling ebook ‘Secrets of Success Traders’ in which developer discloses five step system he and his team uses to make on average US$153,846.17 every week trading stocks

Product Developer:

Anthony Green – Run a background check (where available)

Developer Qualifications:

Developer shows buyer how to turn US$2k into US$1.7m in less than two years using proven system

Product Specifications:

Email “Tipsheet” stock alert service plus bestselling downloadable digital ebook and bonus set

Official Domain Name:


Secrets of Successful Traders™/


US$49.97 one time payment

Payment options:

All major credit cards and PayPal


60 days

Refund protection:

Available for this product  (what’s this?)


Available for this product  (what’s this?)

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Does Secrets of Successful Traders Work?

Anthony Green and his team have been trading stocks successfully for several years but documented their system ‘2StockTrading‘ into the “Secrets Of Successful Traders” in early 2007.

Whilst the claims cannot be not verified, Anthony asserts that with his stock trading secrets he and his team make a steady (average) of $150,000 per week using a system which only one in 12,000 traders use.

This ‘secret’ system, together with his team of ‘successful traders’ could, at a stretch, legitimize the name of the product.

In summary, the downloadable eBook takes the reader through the basics of stock trading, then on to the exact stock trading strategies and tools he and his team uses to record consistent profits.

This is where Secrets Of Successful Traders does stand apart from its competitors. It really does explain the strategies well, leaving nothing out which would give him and his team an advantage.

This may sound surprising, but in many cases stock trading strategists often keep critical elements of their innovations to themselves in order to not lose competitive advantage, or not lose ownership of the fundamental principals.

No, Secrets Of Successful Traders seems to leave no stone unturned.

The strategies themselves are accompanied by graphics and charts which make the whole product practical and intuitive.

The feedback from the product has been very good, and Anthony has run a number of well attended seminars and training workshops which would be difficult if not impossible to perpetuate with a system which doesn’t work.

The image to the right shows one of the many packed out stock trading training workshops held by Anthony Green and his team of successful traders.

Anthony Green Trading Workshop

These workshops cost many thousands to attend, so his ebook on sale here which covers much of what is taught in the workshops is a bargain at today’s discount price.

(Apologies if the 50% discount is no longer available by the time you read this and go to the sales page.)

So the answer to the question “Does Secrets Of Successful Traders Work?” the answer would have to be yes it does, for both online stock trading and broker trading.

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Is Secrets of Successful Traders A Scam?

The dictionary definition of the word ‘scam’ is “A fraudulent or deceptive act or operation”.

As Secrets of Successful Traders do deliver (electronically) an eBook which does contain a system of strategies which can be used to trade the stock market, the short answer would have to be no, it is not a scam.

In our own background check Anthony Green turns up clean, however, most use the term scam far more broadly, meaning it didn’t work for them, and this could be due to a number of reasons, not excluding misuse by the purchaser.

For example, like all systems it needs to be adhered to as closely as possible. It is human nature to try to customize these strategies, even on a subconscious level. This naturally would test the integrity of the trade. Additionally like all systems, it needs to be given time.

Trying anything once, making a loss and then branding it a scam is neither accurate nor fair. It’s not that we’ve heard anywhere that Anthony Green’s system is a scam, but to make a conclusive decision on whether it works for you will take several trades at least.

This is why it is always advisable to do a number of dummy (no money) trades until you get the hang of things. Some of the strategies you will learn will work for you and some will not.

When you have a better idea which do, then stick to those until you feel confident enough to re-look at those which didn’t.

The Secrets of Successful Traders comes with a 57 day money back guarantee. This guarantee is underwritten by the payment gateway ‘Clickbank Inc.’.

Clickbank Inc. takes the money for the order and pays it on to the seller. If you require a refund you simply click on a link in your purchase confirmation email and Clickbank automatically refunds the money to you. They then get that back from the seller, usually from future orders.

The seller naturally does not want to lose this important sales channel so there’s no complaints from them, and Clickbank Inc. guards its reputation for honoring its refund agreements vehemently.

Furthermore, with a little research, investigation and number crunching we can estimate how well the product is doing by seeing how many refunds it is getting.

Through Clickbank Inc., we can do just that, and it shows the product is getting one refund in every 600 purchases, or approximately 0.16%.

This is very low and would indicate a high level of customer satisfaction. We can verify this by the fact that we have received no complaints nor refund requests for this product from anyone purchasing it from this review page.

So in response to “Is Secrets Of Successful Traders a Scam” the answer would have to be no, it is not.

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2StockTrading Review

The 2StockTrading “Secrets Of Successful Traders” covers the basics of stock trading before it goes into the details of the strategies you will be learning about. It is designed for the novice up, so if you’re worried about whether you’ll understand it or not, you will be ok.

Is it value for money? Compared to many of the systems out there which can run you several hundred dollars then yes it is. Normally $99 it is currently on sale for only $49.97 for both the ebook and the ongoing Tipsheet, so quite frankly it’s a bargain. Apologies if the half price offer is over by the time you read this.

Like any system or strategy out there, you’ll only know for sure if it works for you if you try it yourself.

Even the most conservative and newest amongst us could learn stock trading using this system for six weeks using fake ‘no money’ trades. If after that time it hasn’t worked for you, click the automatic link in the email you were sent by Clickbank, and get your money back.

Whether it works for you or not, you will certainly learn an awful lot about trading. Just promise yourself to read it, absorb it and stick to the rules. Nothing ventured nothing gained, and at worst nothing spent.

May we wish you the best of luck with your trading. We hope our 2stocktrading Secrets of Successful Traders review will help you make an informed decision.

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