24Option Review

24Option Review

This page contains an executive summary and detailed review of the ‘24Option Binary Options Trading Platform‘.

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24Option Executive Summary

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24Option Review

Trading binary options with 24option is easy to learn and when you get started today you can earn up to a 100% bonus on your initial deposit. Signing up for an account takes just a few minutes and you can make your first trade for as little as $24. 24option is CySEC regulated and offers traders several advantages, including an extensive education center and 24/7 customer support.

When you trade binary options you simply need to choose an asset, the expiry time and investment amount. When the expiry time hits you will either finish “In the Money,” “At the Money” or “Out of the Money.” When you finish “In the Money” or “At the Money” you will receive your full investment amount, plus a certain percentage. When you finish “Out of the Money” you will lose the entire investment amount.

There are several different trading options you have when trading with 24option, including High/Low, One Touch and Boundary. The High/Low option is the most basic form of binary options trading and you only need to pick whether the price of an asset with rise or fall (referred to as “Call” and “Put”) over the course of the trade. For example, if the price of a stock is $100 and it finishes at $101 and you chose the Call, you will finish “In the Money.”

The Boundary option allows you to choose a range for the price of the asset. You can either invest that the price will be “In Range” or “Out of Range” when the expiry time hits. For example, if the range of the asset price is $100-$101 and it finishes at $102 and you chose “Out of range,” you will finish “In the Money.” The One Touch option allows you to choose a line that the price of the asset will not touch throughout the life of a trade. If the line is not touched, then you will finish “Out of the Money.”

Once you open an account you can sign up for professional trading signals and view daily global market reports to stay up to date with market activity. In the education center you can sign up for interactive webinars, download the 24option eBook, watch videos on demand and study the 24option trading guide to learn important tips and terminology.

24option offers investors a safe and comfortable platform for trading binary options and makes it easy to start. Start trading today and see for yourself why 24option is the top binary options trading website in the world.

We hope our 24Option review has given you enough information about the product for you to make an informed decision.

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Additional Comments

Trading is a dream profession for many of the people across the world. Learning the tricks and tactics of trading is an art and that needs lots of practice to adopt. There are a number of options or instruments available in trading and traders can choose their instruments as per their choice. There are options like stocks and future. But both these alternatives are costly and risky as well. So, the traders who want to play it a bit safe and yet want to make profit, option is the best way.

Trading in option requires practice and assistance and this is why 24Option is there for you. With 24Option it is very easy and safe to learn option trading. And traders can also earn a bonus up to 100% on the initial investment. Signing up is very easy and it doesn’t take more than a minute. And you can make your first trade with as little amount as $24. 24Option is regulated by CySEC and there are so many advantages for the traders when dealing with 24Option. And the best part is it offers vast learning program and a round the clock support system as well.

When you are trading option, basically there are two alternatives in investing your money. You know that trading is mostly about prediction. So, you can either predict the price to go up or come down. If you think that the price of the stock will go up, you need to buy a “Call” option. And if you think that the price will come down, you need to go for “Put” option. If the price movement goes according to your prediction, you will make money or else you will lose your money.

In binary option trading, there is an expiry date of each instrument. The price movement has to happen within this expiry date. There are there choices to select your price the first one is “At the Money (ATM)”, “In the Money (ITM)” and “Out of the Money (OTM)”. Let me give you an example. Imagine the stock price is $100. If you buy the stock at $95 then it is in the money option. If you buy the stock at $100, it’s at the money option and if the price is $102, it is out of the money option. This example is for “Call” option.

Now if you are buying put option predicting that the price will come down, the price option will be exactly opposite. $102 option will be in the money, $100 option will be at the money and $95 option will be out of the money.

If you are buying a call option and at the end of the month the stock ends up with a price of say for example $105, in the money option will give you a profit of $10, at the money option will give you a profit of $5 each stock and the out of the option buyers will make a profit of $3. If you are buying “Put” option and the stock price goes down, you will make a profit. If it doesn’t happen and the price goes up you will lose your money. Even if the price remains at the same level, you will lose your money.

24Option offers all the traders a safe and secure platform to trade binary option. You can learn a lot about trading from here. This will help you to make your trading calls more perfect and errorless.

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